If you thought The Resident’s hacking storyline felt familiar, Grey’s Anatomy is why

THE RESIDENT -- Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX -- Acquired via FOX Flash
THE RESIDENT -- Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX -- Acquired via FOX Flash /

The Resident Season 2 premiered with the hospital facing a blackout. Fans of other medical dramas will have certainly seen some similarities, especially with a Grey’s Anatomy storyline!

There was plenty of excitement about The Resident Season 2 premiere last night. We’d get a chance to see the hospital running with Nic back at work and to see her and Conrad’s relationship continue. Just as we were getting started, the hospital faced a power cut.

It was all put down to the storm in the area, but it was soon clear that there was something more sinister. Those who have watched other medical dramas will have noticed the storyline was one ripped out of the headlines but also from another medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

Last season, the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial faced a hacking scandal. They were locked out of all their technology. This one was much bigger, as the FBI was called in and it turned out Jackson had the money to pay the ransom if Bailey wanted. She even came to a point of paying it, only for Jackson not to answer and eventually the hack was reversed.

THE RESIDENT — Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX — Acquired via FOX Flash
THE RESIDENT — Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX — Acquired via FOX Flash /

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The Resident took a slightly different path. And this was where, I believe, The Resident won. While we had some similar issues (like operating with no lights and no tech and not being able to get into computerized drug cabinets), there was a human face put to the hacker.

During the premiere, Nic figured out that her patient was responsible and it was literally because of money. But it also turned out that this wasn’t malicious in the way that it was supposed to be. The girl just wanted to wipe the billing department because it was the hospital that bankrupted her family and forced her to drop out of MIT.

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Like many programs, this hack had a bug in it and it took down the whole hospital. She never expected this and was apologetic afterward. She even wrote the code to get around the hack and fix the issue.

The Resident
THE RESIDENT — Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX — Acquired via FOX Flash /

We never got to see the faces of those involved in Grey’s Anatomy. Instead, Bailey found a doctor who had experience with hacking to attack the hacker. It’s great when you have someone like that, but the tech guy in The Resident definitely wasn’t that guy and it made it a little more realistic.

While criminal activity is wrong, it was easy to understand why this young girl had done this. It was also easy to figure out how it all went wrong. Nic and Conrad are certainly the ones with the hearts in The Resident, as they were able to get the fix and keep the authorities out. Maybe not the best way to deal with it, but at least the press didn’t find out that Chastain was hacked unless the major FBI-focused story of Grey’s Anatomy.

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What did you think of The Resident Season 2 premiere? Did you recognize the storyline? Who won out of the two? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Resident Season 2 continues on Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.