Big Brother 20 ratings: September 23 episode strong for Sunday night

Big Brother spoilers: Who wins HOH tonight could dictate season winner. (JC Mounduix, Tyler Crispen, and Kaycee Clark Photo: Johnny Vy/CBS)
Big Brother spoilers: Who wins HOH tonight could dictate season winner. (JC Mounduix, Tyler Crispen, and Kaycee Clark Photo: Johnny Vy/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 ratings for the September 23 episode were still very good for a Sunday night. Episode 39 of the summer 2018 season had to go up against a lot of primetime shows contending for the same viewers.

The last Sunday night episode of the season just took place on September 23. During Episode 39, former houseguest Jeff Schroeder entered the BB20 house and chatted with the final three houseguests of this summer. It was mostly a Big Brother 20 recap and a clip show, which CBS viewers have come to expect from the penultimate episode each summer. That being said, the fact that the viewer numbers were strong is very impressive.

The latest Big Brother 20 ratings

A new report from TV By the Numbers shows that the latest episode of Big Brother finished third place in the 8 p.m. time slot for September 23. That sounds bad as a sentence, especially since the reality competition had won that time slot for most of the summer. The shift is due to the programming of the other networks, and not due to an overall drop in the CBS viewers.

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Episode 39 drew an estimated 5.51 million viewers. That’s an extremely nice number for a Sunday night, so it’s not something producers or CBS would be frustrated with. Especially for a clip episode. As for the competition, an estimated 13.56 million viewers tuned in for the Sunday Night Football Pregame Show on NBC. Another 8.47 million viewers were estimated to be watching the season premiere of 9-1-1 over on FOX.

The end of a summer success for CBS

Overall, these are great numbers and it continues the success of the Big Brother 20 ratings from the summer 2018 season. In the key demographic of viewers aged 18-45, the episode had a mark of 1.3/6 to show for it. That’s another nice number, as this is what most advertisers look at on a nightly basis. Though the show finished third place in its own time slot, the September 23 ratings can be considered a win.

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There is just one episode left on the Big Brother 20 schedule. The season finale date is September 26, when the winner will get revealed to the CBS audience. It’s down to just Tyler Crispen, Kaycee Clark, and JC Mounduix competing for the $500,000 prize. With the Survivor season premiere serving as the lead-in on Wednesday night, the network could be looking at some very nice Big Brother 20 ratings. Some viewers might be tuning in just to find out how the BB20 jury is going to select its winner this year.