The Purge season 1, episode 4 recap: Release the Beast

The Purge on USA Network / Photo Credit: Patti Perret, USA Network
The Purge on USA Network / Photo Credit: Patti Perret, USA Network /

In The Purge episode 4, Penelope enters the Carnival of Flesh while Jenna’s love triangle unravels. Here’s the recap for Release the Beast.

Purge Night has officially taken a turn for the worse in The Purge TV series. Penelope was brought to a deadly carnival, Miguel bit off more than he can chew, Jane is lucky to be alive, and Rick and Jenna’s marriage continues to crumble. How’s that for a Purge Night?

Below is the recap for episode 4 of The Purge titled, “Release the Beast.”

Penelope heads to the Carnival of Flesh

After being captured off the bus, the nuns bring Penelope to the Carnival of Flesh, where victims are offered to the crowd via live auction. It’s similar to selling cattle to a farmer although this time, the cattle are humans. Once again, Penelope sees the horrors of Purge night as innocent victims are sent to their death.

When it came time to auction Penelope off, she was quickly bought by a creepy man that she recognizes from her past. Needless to say, Penelope was not happy to see the familiar face.

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Miguel meets Rex the Cowboy

After missing his sister on the bus, Miguel heads back to the bar for more help from Pete the Cop. Pete steers him towards Rex the Cowboy, who agrees to take Miguel to the Carnival of Flesh, which is where the nuns hang around.

On their drive, Miguel and Rex begin to bond over their past lives as Miguel shares the various foster homes he frequented. Things are smooth sailing until Miguel here’s a thud in the back. It’s a live human.

Rex is a collector, who rounds up live victims and sells them on Purge night. Can Miguel trust Rex knowing this new information?

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Jane encounters the Matron Saints

Jane’s storyline picks up right where it left off, which is her standing over Mark’s dead body. Jane is horrified and quickly lashes out on Alison, who killed Mark for career aspirations, saying that murder is still wrong. Alison begins to break down but argues that Jane has no morals either since she hired an assassin to kill her boss, David.

Horrified with her own actions, Jane leaves the building to hunt down her assassin. However, Jane is overpowered by a violent man, who drugs her with the intention to rape. Before the act can occur, a group of powerful women emerges from a bus to save the day. These women are called the Matron Saints because they go around on Purge Night protecting women from sexual assault and death.

Jenna’s love triangle encounters problems

In this week’s flashback, Jenna and Rick use Lila as a way to spice up their marriage. However, Jenna and Lila have a sexual encounter without Rick, who is furious and demands Jenna to cut off ties with Lila.

In the present day, Lila reveals that she has feelings for Jenna and wants to aid in raising the baby. When Rick confronts the two, he berates Lila, calls her unstable, and commands her to leave Jenna alone.

Shortly after, Catalina, the maid, warns Jenna to leave the house immediately. Whatever the NFFA has planned for the night does not bode well for Jenna.

The masked figure weeps

Unlike last time, the masked figure (whose name is Joe) was too late to his next location and could not save the Purge victims. Distraught, the man takes off his mask in order to reveal a normal face that breaks down in tears.

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The Purge airs on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on USA Network.