Who will win Big Brother 20: Finale prediction time for BB20 cast

Who will win Big Brother 20: Finale prediction time. (BB20 final three Photo: Johnny Vy/CBS)
Who will win Big Brother 20: Finale prediction time. (BB20 final three Photo: Johnny Vy/CBS) /

Who will win Big Brother 20? That’s a question that a lot of fans, tuning in for the finale date, want to know the answer to ahead of time. But it’s still up in the air. That doesn’t mean that we can’t make a prediction.

There are just three houseguests left competing for the $500,000 prize this season. They are Tyler Crispen, Kaycee Clark, and JC Mounduix. One of them is going to be named the Big Brother 20 winner very soon. To get to that point, the final three has already played out the first two parts of the final Head of Household Competition.

Who will win Big Brother 20?

Before jumping right into the answer to that question, let’s first cover who deserves to become the Big Brother 20 winner. Only Tyler and Kaycee qualify under the deserved moniker. Tyler has controlled the BB20 house for most of the season, while Kaycee has become an unstoppable competition beast. As such, each houseguest has a very good argument to take in front of the BB20 jury.

When it comes down to a Kaycee vs Tyler debate, things get a bit more tricky. It seems like a foregone conclusion, that if Kaycee or Tyler wins Part 3 of the final HOH Competition, that they will take the other one with them to the final two. It could be argued that this isn’t the smartest game move, as they should both be able to beat out JC Mounduix in a jury vote. That is, unless the jury is so bitter, that they don’t want anyone from the Level Six alliance to win the game.

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What will happen during Big Brother 20 finale?

The prediction is that Tyler Crispen will win Part 3 of the final HOH Competition, take Kaycee Clark with him to the final two, and that the vote is going to be very close. Is Bayleigh Dayton still upset at Tyler and ready to vote for anyone else? Will Scottie Salton vote against Tyler because of what took place at his second eviction? Will JC Mounduix vote for Kaycee out of anger if Tyler doesn’t take him to the final two?

Early in the season finale, there will be a BB20 jury roundtable shown. Hosted by Dr. Will Kirby, it will show how the jury members really feel about how this season has progressed. Are there angry and bitter people? For a reminder about what a jury can do, fans need to look no further than the Big Brother 19 season. The BB19 jury was very bitter and rewarded Josh Martinez with the win over Paul Abrahamian. Could Kaycee end up winning because Tyler took the heat for a lot of the Level Six moves?

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The reality is that it might be too difficult to predict who will win Big Brother 20. There are simply too many votes that are difficult to predict, even if logic states that they should vote a certain way. If anything has been obvious about this season of the show, it is that a majority of the jury members didn’t really understand how to play the game. Will any of that change when the Big Brother 20 finale date arrives? Or is it possible that JC Mounduix could win the show? Stay tuned, because we are all going to find out very soon.