Who won Big Brother 19? A look at what a bitter jury can do

Who won Big Brother 19? A look at what a bitter jury can do. (Big Brother 19 Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Who won Big Brother 19? A look at what a bitter jury can do. (Big Brother 19 Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Who won Big Brother 19 ended up being a surprise to the viewers of the show. The BB19 jury turned bitter, showing frustrations with how they had been evicted during the summer 2017 season.

When quizzed about the name of the Big Brother 19 winner, it’s telling that a lot of viewers already forgot their name. BB19 cast members like Paul Abrahamian, Jessica Graf, Christmas Abbott, and Cody Nickson come to mind. None of them won the show. Instead, when tasked with deciding who deserved to become the $500,000 winner, the BB19 jury worked to keep the money away from Paul, rather than reward the best player of the season.

Who won Big Brother 19?

The summer 2017 winner was Josh Martinez. Yes, the same guy who was accused of bullying other houseguests, often marching around the BB19 house with pots and pans. Nicknamed Meatball, probably by himself, Josh seemed like a nice guy when he wasn’t pushed into a corner. His success in the game, though, was thanks to his alliance with Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott.

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What happened with the BB19 jury?

Paul Abrahamian, who was taking part in his second season on the reality competition show, worked to form alliances with almost everyone in the BB19 house. Many of the other houseguests felt that they had final two or final three deals with him, which helped him control how many of the eviction ceremonies went. Even after he had succeeded in getting people evicted, people in the house were slow to catch on to what was taking place.

The story was a bit different in the jury house, where bitterness spread like wildfire. It began with Cody Nickson, who was very frustrated that his showmance partner (Jessica Graf) was sent packing before the jury started forming. Later, another showmance would join the jury in the form of Elena Davies and Mark Jansen. They were very upset that Paul had gotten the best of them, even though they were enemies with Josh inside the house.

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When people look back at who won Big Brother 20, could there be a similar tale to tell? Tyler Crispen has worked hard to get where he is at in the game, but in doing so, he has lied to nearly everyone in the BB20 jury. The possibility is there that people could be really bitter, especially if they hold a grudge against the way that Tyler played the game. Will the winner be selected based on who played the game the best? Or will it come down to who the jury now likes the best?