Everything coming to BritBox in October 2018

DOCTOR WHO -- Photo credit: BBC -- Acquired via DKC PR
DOCTOR WHO -- Photo credit: BBC -- Acquired via DKC PR /

If you’re ready for some classic Doctor Who and new QI and The Last Leg, BritBox in October 2018 is where you need to be.

October is all about the scares. It’s Halloween month and that means costumes, delicious candy, and scary movies. Well, maybe not movies when it comes to BritBox in October 2018, but there are some exciting, scary TV shows.

There are just two things that you’ll need this Halloween. The first is the Classic Doctor Who takeover, where the Daleks will invade your screens. BritBox is the home of the classic seasons (everything that’s available from the BBC now) and there are plenty of Dalek-centered episodes to tune into.

So you don’t have to go looking for them, BritBox is bringing a day of the infamous villain. Look out for episodes like “Day of the Daleks,” “Remembrance of the Daleks,” and “The Five Doctors.” Many of these episodes are available for the first time in many years, so certainly a time to celebrate.

INSIDE NO. 9 — Photo credit: BBC — Acquired via DKC PR
INSIDE NO. 9 — Photo credit: BBC — Acquired via DKC PR /

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Inside No. 9 is the other Halloween show you’ll want to tune into. As well as the latest season dropping, BritBox is bringing a live episode straight from London. It’s 30 minutes of Shearsmith and Pemberton airing at the same time as our British counterparts see it.

For those who aren’t into the scary at Halloween, you can catch up on the latest episodes of QI and The Last Leg. They’re made available on BritBox in October 2018 just hours after they air in the UK for the first time. This service just keeps getting better, truly bringing the best of British TV to North American shores.

Everything coming to BritBox in October 2018

Here’s your complete breakdown of everything that is hitting the service this month. Make sure you get your dates in the diary so you don’t miss a beat.

Week 1:

  • Oct.  1:  QI (P) Season 16 (the P is for panel show, as there is a batch of episodes themed around the letter P)
  • Oct.  6:  Jonathan Creek Season 1

Week 2: 

  • Oct. 9:  Inside No. 9 Season 4
  • Oct. 13:  The Gil Mayo Mysteries
OUR GIRL — Photo credit: BBC — Acquired via DKC PR /

Week 3:

  •  Oct. 16:  The Last Leg Season 15

Week 4:

  • Oct. 24:  Our Girl Season 3 – Nepal Tour (Part 1)
  • Oct. 28:  Inside No. 9: Deadline (Live)
  • Oct. 31:  ExtermiNITE!: Night of the Killing Daleks 

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BritBox is a subscription service, bringing you the best programs from the two biggest broadcasters in the U.K. You can sign up at BritBox.com and take advantage of a 7-day free trial. You can also watch BritBox through Amazon Channels.

What are you looking forward to hitting BritBox in October? What are you watching the minute it drops? Share in the comments below.