Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 premiere recap: Second chances and rekindled romances

GREY'S ANATOMY - ABC/Eric McCandless -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press
GREY'S ANATOMY - ABC/Eric McCandless -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 premiere, With a Wonder and a Wild Desire/Broken Together, Maggie learns Teddy’s secret, several of the doctors decide to give love a chance and Bailey appoints a new interim chief.

The trailer for Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 premiere had viewers wondering if Meredith might be hooking up with DeLuca. That question is answered right off the bat — not exactly. Meredith finds herself having very sexy dreams featuring the handsome doctor (likely due to the kiss he planted on her at Jo and Alex’s wedding).

It’s not only DeLuca Meredith is having sexy time during her slumber, Jackson and Koracick (Greg Germann) are also present. Nothing really steamy going on with either doctors, other than they are clad in bathrobes and at the ready to pleasure her.

Teddy is back and pregnant, but when she arrives at Owen’s house to break the news, she learns of his unconventional living situation. Teddy doesn’t know all the details, just that Owen and Amelia (who is sleeping on the couch) are co-habituating with baby Leo and a teen mom, Betty.

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Things pick up immediately after the season 14 finale weddings of Jo and Alex, and April and Matthew.

Crash into me

On the way to the hospital, Jackson and Maggie are saved from being hit by a car by DeLuca, but a nearby woman riding a bicycle isn’t as lucky.

Teddy decides to bail on the interim chief position. She breaks the news to Bailey but is unable to flee the hospital before running into Amelia and Owen. They exchange brief and awkward pleasantries, during which Teddy reveals Bailey is looking for an interim chief.

Owen is confused why Teddy would be in town and not call which causes Amelia to question if he still has a thing for her. Owen neither confirms or denies Amelia’s suspicions.

DeLuca, Maggie and Jackson arrive at the hospital with the car’s driver, Cece, and the woman she plowed into, Nisha. Nisha is mangled and entangled with her bike, and she believes she’s died and gone to heaven. This is because she finds herself surrounded by gorgeous doctors, including a handsome new “ortho god,” Dr. Lincoln, aka “Link” (Chris Carmack)

Teddy’s fight-or-flight impulse is squashed when she begins to experience pain. She’s certain it’s due to a blood clot which has her seek the head of cardio, Maggie. Teddy wants Maggie to confirm the diagnosis and treat her, so Teddy can leave the premises ASAP without anyone else knowing.

Teddy’s instincts are correct, and Maggie wants to keep the mother-to-be in the hospital for a few days. Teddy is a hormonal mess and winds up inadvertently outing Owen as the father. Things go from bad to worse for Teddy when she discovers Maggie is Amelia’s sister (sort of).

Word quickly spreads about the interim chief position, and both Amelia and Richard want to be considered. Thankfully, Greg Germann is reprising his role as Dr. Koracick. He’s hanging around Seattle to help Amelia with her laser research as well as flirting shamelessly with Meredith.

Several of the Grey Sloan doctors are out of sorts. Amelia is annoyed by Teddy’s return which further complicates her already confusing relationship with Owen. She’s also indignant Bailey would offer choose to offer the position of interim chief to Teddy over her. Amelia is feeling threatened by Teddy’s presence (and with good reason since Teddy is 11 weeks pregnant with Owen’s baby).

Jo and Alex are on their honeymoon, but Jo is having second thoughts about moving to Boston. Alex is thinking about babies and playing in the snow, while Jo, still riding high from her work with Meredith on mini-livers, is hit with some inspiration that has her totally distracted. She comes up with an idea to cure cancer (in the most simplistic terms).

Accidentally on purpose?

Jackson continues to ponder the meaning of life. Last season on Grey’s Anatomy, he prayed and April woke up, now he’s spared becoming road kill. Jackson appears to be going through some type of spiritual awakening, and it has him pretty freaked out. He’s eager to start taking some leaps of faith, starting with Maggie, but she’s not quite on the same page.

A hung-over DeLuca remembers he kissed Meredith and apologizes, and Meredith is jumpy, acting as if DeLuca might be able to see he’s had some sort of effect on her. Whatever is going on with Meredith, Cece — the woman who nearly took out Jackson and Maggie — senses something is up. The woman is a professional matchmaker. Cece has already undergone two heart transplants and believes she might be on deck for a third.

Meredith does have one desire — to be interim chief. She confesses to Bailey that she’s having inappropriate dreams. Meredith thinks the extra work would be a welcome distraction.

Meredith discovers Cece’s kidneys are failing because of the drugs she’s taking to prevent her body from rejecting her donor heart. Now, Cece needs a kidney transplant. Cece takes the news well. She prefers to focus her attention on Meredith’s love life, questioning how long Meredith has been single.

Meredith insists she’s happy, but Cece points out there’s no cap on happiness. Cece offers to help Meredith, calling herself the “UNOS of love.”

Anything butt

Richard, DeLuca and Roy get an interesting case. A man arrives with abdominal pain who actually has inserted something up his butt. They call in Carina to consult who assures everyone how normal this type of behavior is for straight men. Many fear asking their wives to attend to them … anally, fearing the women will think they are gay. It’s just biological. A man’s G-spot is located on/in/by his prostate.

While in surgery, Richard discovers the patient put a can of hairspray up his rectum which causes a small explosion, igniting Roy’s arm on fire. Once again, it’s DeLuca to the rescue. He’s saved three lives in one day and is feeling pretty good about it.

It may be a biological imperative for a man to seek anal stimulation but having flammable hair products erupt on their insides is not. The guy dies on the table (imagine breaking that news to the widow).

Head first

Amelia finally deals with the fact that she wants Owen back, and her confidante is none other than Koracick who doesn’t sugarcoat the hot mess that is Amelia’s love life. His advice is simple: Amelia was horrible to Owen, so if she wants him back, she’d going to have to fight for him.

Amelia tells Owen she’s caught some feelings, and whatever his situation is with Teddy, Amelia still has a piece of his heart. Boy, are things about to get really, really complicated.

Meredith’s dreams continue, and now Link enters the equation (no official meeting, just some run-ins). Amelia, Maggie and Meredith converge in the kitchen to fill each other in on the latest developments in their love lives — or lack thereof — in Meredith’s case. Maggie is nowhere ready to accept Jackson’s proposal, and she’s not even entirely sure it was a proposal.

Back to the future

Things begin to go south for Nisha and Cece on the Grey’s Anatomy premiere. Despite their horrific first encounter, the two have grown close. But as they recover in adjoining rooms, Cece has heart complications, and Nisha suffers from an infection.

Bailey continues to deal with doctors eager to fill her comfortable flats. Richard is also campaigning hard for the job that he once held. Bailey may want a stress sabbatical, but she wants to make sure she’s got a job to come back to which is why she lets Richard know he’s not even in the running.

Jo and Alex return early from their honeymoon, so Jo can show Meredith her ideas for cancer treatment. Jo wants Meredith to create a fellowship for her at Grey Sloan, enabling Jo to continue to work on mini-livers and her new passion project.

Bailey doesn’t have the money to keep Jo because she blew it all on a hyperbaric chamber. The good news is Jackson believes the chamber can save Nisha’s life, but its presence means no fellowship for Jo. Meredith suggests Jo and Alex go to Boston as planned and wait for the funds, but Jo’s already blown off Mass General — a piece of news she failed to divulge to her new hubby.

Not only is Maggie dealing with Jackson’s “half-proposal,” she’s struggling with keeping Teddy’s secret. Constrained by that pesky doctor-patient confidentiality, she keeps dropping cryptic hints whenever Amelia mentions her relationship with Owen.

It turns out, Owen is already having doubts. Their lives are more complicated than they were before on Grey’s Anatomy. Owen has Leo, and Amelia’s got Betty. If they crash and burn again, there could be other fatalities.

Cece’s passion for matters of the heart endears her to the entire staff, but her own heart is giving out. Finding a donor this time around is unlikely. When Cece learns Jackson wasn’t able to save Nisha, she feels so guilty, she decides she doesn’t want or deserve another heart. Those with the biggest hearts have a better chance of having them broken.

Owen decides he wants to go for it, but he needs to know Amelia’s entirely on board. Amelia admits she’s scared. As an addict, she’s wary of change but promises to try.

Hail to the chief

Jo refuses to give up and goes to Bailey herself. Bailey is blown away by Jo’s ideas and gives Jo a fellowship — the first ever “Surgical Innovation Fellowship.” Meredith is thrilled and wants to know where Bailey found the money. Bailey’s footing the bill which means she’s running the whole thing, and Jo will be working under her.

And there’s a new chief in town: Alex. Meredith lost her work wife on Grey’s Anatomy, but at least she gets to keep Alex.

Jackson’s existential crisis isn’t likely to end soon, but he didn’t propose to Maggie — at least not on purpose. But the twosome finally drop the L-bomb on each other.

Meredith pleads with Cece to get a new heart. Meredith needs her help. She’s married to her work, and she doesn’t want to be. Maybe it’s time for Meredith’s second great love. Can someone get Scott Speedman on the phone?

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Will Meredith find love on this season of Grey’s Anatomy? Who is most likely to hook up with Dr. Link? Does Owen belong with Amelia or Teddy? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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