The Simpsons recap: Poppa’s Got a Brand New Badge

Pappa's Got a Brand New Badge from Simpsons World via FX Networks
Pappa's Got a Brand New Badge from Simpsons World via FX Networks /

Homer starts his own private security company in Springfield and finds himself at odds with Fat Tony.

There is a massive heat wave hitting Springfield and everyone is using massive amounts of energy. The Simpsons end up overloading the power in town and cause a black out. Soon after Lenny and Carl cause an accident and crash into a store front. Seeing an opportunity, they begin taking things and it’s not long before everyone in town is looting stores.

The Simpsons are watching everything take place on their roof, even though Bart is desperate to join the looters. Eventually the riot ends and Springfield is left smoldering, while the people of town are at a town hall meeting. Chief Wiggum is immediately blamed and despite promises from Mayor Quimby, Marge doesn’t feel safe. After being reminded that he’s to blame for the blackout, Homer feels guilty. So Homer promises to find Lisa’s doll collection when it goes missing.

Homer finds a cap outside Lisa’s window and immediately traces it to Jimbo, which results in Lisa getting her dolls back. Later while at the Kwik-E-Mart, he stops Snake from robbing Apu by dumping scalding hot cheese on him. While going through his list of jobs, Homer is inspired to start his own private security company Springshield along with Lenny and Carl. Their success compared to the Springfield Police Department causes Mayor Quimby to replace Chief Wiggum with Homer.

But when he cracks down on Fat Tony (Joe Mantegna) and his operation, Tony promises to kill Homer unless he leaves town. Seeking support from the people of Springfield, only Ned Flanders is willing to help, which Homer doesn’t want. After Lenny and Carl lock themselves in a jail cell, Tony’s muscle arrives and they seek Homer out (in a parody of The Sopranos).

They arrive at the Simpsons’ house where Homer steps out to meet them, but the gangsters are all immediately shot at by some unseen marksman. But when Homer steps down as Police Chief, Maggie is seen hiding a rifle before Homer and Marge come to check on her.

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