Supernatural: Did Nick give us a clue to saving Dean?

The surprise appearance of Nick in Supernatural’s premiere may have given us a large clue on how we can defeat Michael and save Dean.

If you’ve been watching Supernatural for a long time, one thing that is always been a constant is when you kill an angel or demon, their vessel also dies along with them. It’s been this way since season 1.

Unless you perform an exorcism or any other ritual banishing the entity inhabiting the person, that person dies. End of story. Which makes the appearance of Nick, Lucifer’s vessel, in Season 14’s premiere more confusing.

When Sam went into the room to change the wound dressing for Nick, they talked about what happened. Even they were confused why Nick was still around. It didn’t make any sense. They, like us, were under the impression vessels died with their inhabitants. However, Sam began to speculate about why Nick was still alive, he landed on the archangel blade.

Sam wondered if since they used the archangel blade to kill Lucifer, that was what spared Nick’s life. That it targeted the archangel but spared the vessel. A very sound hypothesis. And quite possibly a very large clue as to how they will be able to ultimately save Dean.

If they used the archangel blade to kill Lucifer and Nick was able to live, with very limited damage, could they do the same with Dean and Michael? It would make sense that they could.

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Since it’s pretty obvious Michael isn’t going to just voluntarily leave Dean, there’s going to be drastic measures needed.  Stabbing Dean with the archangel blade to get rid of Michael seems to be the most logical choice.

Supernatural NJ con

Supernatural — “Devil’s Bargain” — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — CW TV PR

Now, it won’t be easy. It took an archangel to kill Lucifer. We don’t have anyone strong enough to take on Michael left. Jack would have been the logical choice, but he’s human now and taken off the rotation. Short of Chuck coming back and killing one of his children, this isn’t going to be an easy task.

But right now, after one episode in the books, this seems like the most logical solution to this problem. Which means Sam is going to need to get strong enough or come up with a plan to weaken Michael in order to stab him with the blade.

What do you think? Is Nick’s appearance in the show a clue as to how we can save Dean? Please let us know in the comments below!

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW