Is it time for the DCEU to introduce Terry McGinnis’ Batman?


Since Warner Bros. is no longer moving forward with a Ben Affleck-led Batman movie, casting for a new Bruce Wayne will presumably take place. But, could this be a better opportunity to introduce Terry McGinnis in the DCEU?

In a recent report from Variety, Warner Bros. announced the studio’s plans to push back the release date of their Flash standalone. The move comes as WB is reevaluating their approach to the DC Cinematic Universe. Warner Bros. has also dropped the Batman and Superman movies from their schedule. Matt Reeves’ Batman flick is still moving forward as planned but the title character will be recast at some point.

What this means for the DCEU is a new Bruce Wayne will be introduced within the next few years. There’s been no word on whether or not Affleck is reprising his role in a Justice League sequel, but he’s on the way out. A new actor could replace Affleck but the best way to go about this transition is to kill off Bruce Wayne.

Before everyone starts screaming that a DC Universe without Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be DC, hear me out.

The end of Bruce Wayne doesn’t mean Batman has to go, too. Various characters in the DC mythos have donned the cowl at one time or another. They weren’t all great incarnations of Batman but one stands out more than others. The character we’re referring to is Terry McGinnis.

For anyone unfamiliar with the name, Terry McGinnis is the name of Bruce Wayne’s son/clone. In a not-too-distant future, Wayne passes the Bat-mantle on to McGinnis when he can no longer suit up to fight crime. McGinnis first takes on the role of the caped crusader in the Batman Beyond series.

Photo Credit: Batman Beyond/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc Image Acquired from DC Entertainment PR
Photo Credit: Batman Beyond/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc Image Acquired from DC Entertainment PR /

Originally created as part of the DC’ Animated Universe, Batman Beyond began as an animated series that later transitioned to comics. The two versions of McGinnis’ Batman don’t differ much but there are notable differences between them. One, in particular, gives Terry McGinnis quite the interesting origin story.

A tie-in episode of Justice League: Unlimited, uncovered the secret origin of Project Batman Beyond. The project was a coordinated effort by Waller and A.R.G.U.S. to ensure an equally adept successor would be born from Wayne. He’d never produce a child for Waller’s schemes willingly, so Waller conceived a clever scheme.

To ensure that Wayne would produce an offspring of equal talent, Waller secretly obtains Wayne’s DNA from him and implants it in Warren McGinnis. When Warren and Mary conceived a child, the child retained Wayne’s DNA not Warren’s. Thus, creating a perfect clone of Bruce Wayne to assume the mantle of Batman.

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When McGinnis comes of age, his life inevitably intersects with Bruce Wayne’s. It doesn’t take long for them to become acquainted and their relationship mirrors the same bonds he forged with Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and his other proteges.

The reason Terry McGinnis is of interest here is that the DC Extended Universe is in dire need of some new blood. Affleck’s incarnation of Batman has been highly criticized and his character is reaching the end of his rope. We saw in Justice League that the years haven’t been kind to Wayne. He admitted to Diana that he’s getting too old for the job — and he’s right.

What’s interesting is the elder Bruce Wayne in the Batman Beyond series is essentially the same character. They’re both weathered old men who still have the urge to fight, but because the physical limitations of their bodies, training others to fight is the only thing they can do.

Wayne (Affleck) did give Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) some tips on how to be a hero in Justice League, so he shares that in common with Batman Beyond’s version of Wayne.

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Nevertheless, Terry McGinnis seems like the logical choice to become the next Caped Crusader. The notion of skipping over Dick Grayson and Batman’s other predecessors might not appeal to all, but the DC’EU hasn’t succeeded with their approach to a collective universe. So, this is the right opportunity to shake things up. Throwing Terry McGinnis into the mix would accomplish that and then some.

Aquaman premieres on Dec. 14, 2018. Shazam premieres Apr. 5, 2019. Joker is set for a release date of Oct. 14, 2019. Wonder Woman 2 premieres on Nov. 1, 2019.