25 greatest one-season shows of all-time

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Photo Credit: Powerless/NBC, Acquired From NBC Media Village

25: Powerless

Kicking things off on our list of 25 greatest one season shows of all-time is a series that I think the networks just didn’t quite get, Powerless.

Aired on the NBC network in 2017, Powerless ended with a grand total of 12 episodes under its belt. It was the very first DC superhero comedy series and starred Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk, Ron Funches, Alan Tudyk and Jennie Pierson.

The series focused on this rag-tag bunch who worked at Wayne Security. A subsidiary company of the iconic Wayne Enterprise. Set in Charm City, the team would design and create products for your everyday Jo, who could potentially become victims of superhero and villain battles.

Unfortunately, it didn’t do very well. The ratings certainly didn’t help things, but I don’t think NBC really gave it enough of a chance as well. Especially with Powerless airing in an era where superhero movies and TV shows were getting pumped out every other day.

Powerless gave everyone that much-needed break that we were all looking for. That slice of pie that was just different, brilliantly. and more relatable. I can’t relate to Superman or Thor. While I like to pretend that I look exactly like them, I related more to Alan Tudyk’s character in Powerless. An idiot who doesn’t really know how to do his job and just went about winging it every other day.

Oh well, hopefully, they see sense and recreate this one day.

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