Andrew Dabb confirms Lucifer’s fate in recent Supernatural Season 14 interview

Supernatural Season 14 co-showrunner Andrew Dabb recently talked about Michael, Dean, and Lucifer. Where is the Devil himself? That’s something Dabb definitely confirmed.

We finally saw the end of Lucifer in Supernatural Season 13. At least, that’s what we were shown but we know this show. The dead don’t stay dead, so there’s always the chance Lucifer would come back. Well, Andrew Dabb has confirmed Lucifer’s fate in Supernatural Season 14 with Variety.

Of course, there are spoilers in this. If you don’t want to hear of what’s to come in the future of the series, now is your time to turn back. I recommend this post about takeaways for tonight’s episode, titled “The Scar,” instead.

Now, on with the show. Where is Lucifer in Supernatural Season 14 and is he coming back?

During the interview, Dabb states that Lucifer is “really and truly” dead this time. That does make sense. Michael!Dean stabbed him with the archangel blade. Regardless of what’s going on with Nick right now, if anyone could come back from the archangel blade then it means that blade is worth nothing. Death means absolutely nothing and it takes everything away from the show. Bringing so many people back in the 13th season was bad enough.

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“Swan Song” – Jensen Ackles as Dean, Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, Jared Padalecki as Sam in SUPERNATURAL on The CW.
Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW
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However, there are still some memories of Lucifer. We saw it last week, as Mark Pellegrino shifted from Nick to what looked like a glimpse of Lucifer. Dabb shares that it’s “muscle memory.” Lucifer was in control of Nick for a long time and that’s left some sort of residue inside.

As for Nick, he’s out searching for whoever killed his family. He wants revenge and is going to do right by them because he failed them so long ago by saying yes to Lucifer. However, his actions are going to be bloodier and deadlier than the Winchesters would like.

So, there you have it. Lucifer is definitely gone. We do know that the Cosmic Entity is coming back up again. Could this be to get Lucifer back or is it for another archangel?

What do you think about Lucifer definitely being dead this time? Are you excited to see Nick’s storyline play out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW.