Supernatural Season 14 filming is officially at the halfway mark

Supernatural Season 14 filming is onto Episode 10. It’s now officially at the halfway point of the season.

Jason Fischer shared his QOTD post yesterday, showing that Supernatural Season 14 filming was on Day 4 of 8. More importantly, it’s on Day 4 of 8 of Episode 10. This officially marks the halfway point of filming.

As fans will remember, there are only 20 episodes to Season 14. This is due to the actors wanting to spend more time with their families. If shorter seasons means more seasons overall then I’m all for it! Plus, it keeps the story contained.

That means Episode 10 is the halfway point of filming. It’s taken about three and a half months to get to this point, which means there are another three and a half to four months of filming left. Considering there will be a break over Christmas, we could add another month onto this. Maybe even two.

We don’t know where the actors will take their time off. If The CW wants Supernatural to be counted for the May Sweeps, there’s a chance that there will be a longer break over Christmas. This allows the actors to be well rested and ready for another bunch of episodes to film.

Or the cast and crew may decide to film everything in one go and offer a longer break during the summer. The CW can still choose to spread out the airing of the episodes to make sure the finale airs in May as usual.

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We know very little about Supernatural Season 14, Episode 10. Jim Michaels shared his tech survey last week to show that Amanda Tapping is directing the episode. Supernatural fans will know her as Naomi and we’ll likely see her back on screen at some point, but for now, she’s directing.

The episode title may be “Nihilism.” With the meaning of rejecting all principles and possibly having the view that life is meaningless, this could be a real turning point for the Winchesters. We know that Jack is struggling without his powers and now has those bloody tissues and Dean is back but didn’t want to think about the things Michael did. Is this the point that Michael is going to bring some sort of end to the world and will the Winchesters abandon their principles to stop him?

Are you excited about Supernatural Season 14 filming? What do you think will happen in Episode 10? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.