Big Brother 20: Kaitlyn Herman still hasn’t finished her puzzle

One of the most noteworthy moments of the Big Brother 20 season, was when houseguest Kaitlyn Herman couldn’t figure out how to put a puzzle together.

Kaitlyn Herman was certainly an interesting member of the Big Brother 20 cast. When she turned on her alliance, in what seemed to be an act of jealousy, it ended up writing her ticket right out the front door. What if she hadn’t helped the Level Six alliance? Could it have changed the outcome of the entire season? And just why was she so bad at putting together that puzzle on what ended up being her eviction night?

Kaitlyn Herman eviction night

Sam Bledsoe was the Week 4 Head of Household, and she worked it up so that Rockstar and Kaitlyn Herman were on the block that week. It wasn’t a close vote at all, as Kaitlyn was evicted on a 9-1 vote by the BB20 cast. Sam had a special power, though, called the Bonus Life. As she hadn’t used it through the first four weeks, it automatically went to this evicted houseguest.

Kaitlyn can solve a puzzle to avoid eviction

With the Bonus Life opportunity, all Kaitlyn Herman had to do was disassemble a puzzle of herself and then reassemble it to remain in the game. The seven-piece puzzle proved to be too much for her, and Kaitlyn became the fourth houseguest to get evicted from the game.

This was a shocking outcome, as it seemed to many viewers that the producers were trying to give her an easy puzzle so that she wouldn’t get evicted. Her struggles were very shocking indeed. At one point, she actually sat down and quit on the challenge, costing valuable seconds as she tried to remain in the game. Had she simply completed the puzzle, she would have gained another shot at the $500,000 prize.

The Big Brother 20 cast provided some good entertainment for CBS. Characters like Kaitlyn Herman helped spur conversations on social media and debates about whether she was playing the game well. She may never live down the fact that she couldn’t finish the seven-piece puzzle, but Kaitlyn has also helped create an amusing memory for every fan who watched the episode.