Big Brother 20: Sam’s robot punishment revisited

During the Big Brother 20 season premiere, it was revealed that Sam Bledsoe had received a unique punishment from producers. She would be turned into a robot.

After a series of competitions to open the 2018 season, it was revealed that two houseguests would be receiving punishments. Kaycee Clark was forced to wear a pinwheel unitard until the first live eviction for Big Brother 20. As for Sam Bledsoe, she was forced to become a robot. It was, at first, an amusing twist to the game. But it soon turned into a punishment that likely affected her entire game and destroyed chances at real alliances.

Sam the robot

In regard to the punishment, when the words “robot online” came over the house speakers, Sam would have to leave the main BB20 house to enter a back room. From that room, she would control a robot that could move around the game and interact with people. It had a generic screen that would seemingly mimic the facial ticks that Sam was making backstage.

When the “robot offline” announcement was made, Sam could come back in the game. This was when she was able to make some interactions with other houseguests, take a shower, or get some sleep in one of the beds. The back-and-forth of becoming a robot took her out of some very important social interactions during the season.

Kaycee Clark wins Big Brother 20

The other punishment from the opening went to Kaycee, who ended up becoming the Big Brother 20 winner. She glided through her punishment of simply having to wear the pinwheel unitard for a while. It proved the theory that as long as houseguests are willing to embarrass themselves during punishments, that they have an advantage over all other types of punishments.

Having the robot twist from Big Brother 20 certainly offered some more humor for the CBS viewers, which may have been the intent all along, but it was a deterrent to Sam Bledsoe having a real chance at winning the $500,000 prize. Though she tried to work hard at creating alliances after being freed of the robot punishment, she was on an island until the day she got evicted.