Big Brother 19: Jessica Graf gives credit to Cody Nickson on Instagram

Big Brother 19 houseguests Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are expecting a baby. They poked a little fun at the myth that men don’t do anything when the woman in their life is pregnant.

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson met each other during the filming of Big Brother 19 and have been busy since their time in the house. Recently, the couple announced that they are expecting a baby girl. The couple also got married, with show alums like Rachel Reilly, Angela Rummans, and Tyler Crispen in attendance. They also share a lot of what is going on in their lives on Twitter and Instagram.

The Big Brother 19 alums pose for a photo

On November 30, Jessica posted the image below on her Instagram account. It shows how much fun the married couple is having and pokes a little fun at men and Cody in the process. She also used the post to share that they are now 21 weeks along in the pregnancy.

Jessica and Cody also won The Amazing Race

Even though Jessica and Cody didn’t come very close to winning Big Brother 19, they have found a lot of success following their time inside the BB house. That includes taking part in The Amazing Race, where they won the show and the $1 million prize that comes with it.

A lot of former Big Brother houseguests have taken part in The Amazing Race, but Jessica and Cody were certainly the most successful couple. Since that time, the couple has had a wedding, and soon enough, they will likely appear on Big Brother 21 to show off that new baby girl.

The reality competition show has certainly had a lot of success with relationships and has some lessons to teach dating shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Temptation Island.

Fans shouldn’t be surprised if the couple ends up appearing as the hosts of a Celebrity Big Brother competition, with that show starting up again this winter on CBS.