Big Brother alum Alex Willett shared her experience jumping out of a plane

Alex Willett participated in Big Brother: Over the Top and has been very active on social media since then. In addition to frequent posts about Big Brother 20, she shared a fun video with fans.

One of the biggest twists to Big Brother: Over the Top, was that Alex Willett knew one of the other houseguests. It turned out that her sister, Morgan Willett, had also been made a part of the online cast. The sisters didn’t know that they would be competing against each other, making it very dramatic as the pair tried to figure out if they should reveal their secret.

Alex Willett jumps out of a plane

Making a joke about how her Twitter feed is always filled up with posts about reality competition shows, Alex Willett posted a video of her skydiving experience. That video can be seen below, as she tandems out of a perfectly good plane and appears to enjoy every minute of it.

While the summer 2018 season was playing out, Alex Willett was rooting for Tyler Crispen to become the Big Brother 20 winner. It didn’t quite happen, though, as Kaycee Clark made a late run, continuously winning veto competitions before the BB20 jury crowned her the winner.

Alex’s time in the Big Brother house

During her time on BBOTT, Alex joined an alliance named The Southerners. It included her sister, with Alex helping to develop strategies for the group. After that, she became a member of The Ball Smashers, where the intent was to get all the men from the other side of the house out of the game.

Alex would end up as part of a number of different alliances, but the strongest one was definitely the one she had with her sister. At times, she may have really helped set Morgan on the trajectory that would lead to a lot of success on the finale.

Unfortunately for Alex, America had a lot of control over the online season, and she became a target later on. First Alex was placed on the block by the fans, and then America voted her out of the house. Alex finished eighth place, having won a Head of Household and only getting nominated once.

If there is ever another All-Stars version of the show, Alex Willett is someone that producers should bring back. While she didn’t win the show, as the Big Brother: Over the Top winner ended up being Morgan Willett, Alex certainly showed that she was really good at playing the game.