Celebrity Big Brother cast won’t be revealed for a while

The Celebrity Big Brother cast is already a hot topic on social media, but it is still going to be a while before the producers and CBS reveals the list of names.

When CBS revealed its midseason schedule and announced that Celebrity Big Brother was on it, it really got fans buzzing with excitement. The network has even revealed the air dates for every episode this winter. While that’s certainly great information for fans to have at hand, it isn’t everything that they want right now. Fans also want to see the BB Celeb cast list so they can begin debating who will win the winter 2019 season.

When will Celebrity Big Brother cast get revealed?

Even though there are already a lot of BB Celeb rumors online, the full cast list isn’t likely to be revealed until right before the new houseguests start playing the game. This is so that they can be sequestered without direct contact with fans or former houseguests.

Once the new houseguests have been sequestered, which means put up in a nice hotel while they wait for the game to begin, then CBS and producers will give fans what they want. Due to the way that scheduling works, it means fans are unlikely to learn who is a part of the Celebrity Big Brother cast until early January. That’s a long time to wait, but the holiday season should make it seem shorter in duration.

Some early possible BB Celeb hints?

There are some possible hints already getting shared on social media about who the producers plan to have or may want to have inside the BB house this winter. While the hints on social media didn’t reveal any names, it certainly caused a lot of discussion about what the images meant. Maybe that will get explained a bit later.

It’s going to be an exciting winter 2019 season for fans that love watching the celebrity version of the show. Last time around, it was Broadway star Marissa Jaret Winokur that ended up becoming the Celebrity Big Brother winner. Who will win it this time?