Celebrity Big Brother named a top-trending reality TV show for 2018

Celebrity Big Brother was extremely popular during 2018. So popular, that Google just revealed it was one of the most-trending reality TV shows of the year.

The first season of Celebrity Big Brother USA took place during February 2018. It was an attempt by CBS to compete against the Winter Olympics over on NBC, giving television viewers another option to watch. It worked, as it created a lot of interest among the regular fans of the show, and it also drew in viewers who don’t watch the summer version of the reality competition show. Not only that, it became a hot topic on search engines.

Celebrity Big Brother popular on Google

Google has been promoting its search engine, letting users know what people have been searching for over the past year, including the most popular people, TV shows, and videos. That includes the most searched-for reality TV shows.

The show definitely became a success, even though it was on less than a month in duration. Viewers tuned in for every episode, many more followed the show online, and Facebook groups debated about which cast member deserved to win the show. The winner of Season 1 was Marissa Jaret Winokur, who beat out Ross Mathews when it came to the celebrity jury. She took home the grand prize, while Ross finished second place and also got named the favorite houseguest of viewers.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 coming this winter

CBS has already revealed the full CBB USA Season 2 schedule. It has created a lot of additional online buzz for the future, leading to a lot of new searches about the cast list. While show producers and the network have done a great job at keeping that under wraps, there are certainly a lot of Celebrity Big Brother rumors on social media. Which ones will turn out to be true?

It’s still early, but not too early to predict that Celebrity Big Brother could become one of the most-searched reality shows for 2019 as well. The season premiere takes place in January and the season will wrap up in February. During that time, fans will be able to follow the cast every step of the way. That will likely also include live feed footage being provided.