Big Brother rumors: Could CBS replace host Julie Chen for BB21 cast?

There are a lot of Big Brother rumors floating around the internet and some of them involve long-time host Julie Chen Moonves. The rumors stem from the legal problems of husband Les Moonves.

A sexual misconduct probe was conducted by CBS into former executive Les Moonves. At stake was a $120 million exit package. The network denied it and the cloud of controversy has grown even larger. That cloud has now encompassed Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves, who has been involved with the reality competition show since it started on the network. Could she be replaced by the network before the BB21 cast begins playing the game?

Julie Chen, Big Brother rumors, and CBS

Julie Chen Moonves has indicated that she would like to stay on the program for many years to come and it has already been announced that she will be the host of Celebrity Big Brother this winter. This is where the Big Brother rumors come in to play, though, as social media continues to buzz with her name.

It’s important to point out that CBS has not publicly hinted at naming a new host for either Celebrity Big Brother 2 (this winter) or Big Brother 21 (summer 2019). Most of the online chatter is from fans who are weighing in on what has taken place, with most speaking about their level of disdain for Les Moonves. Some people have even asked if she was complicit.

Would CBS make a move to avoid further controversy by simply finding a new person to host the show? That might not be what most fans of the show want to see.

Fans still love Julie Chen Moonves

There have been a number of polls conducted online, in regard to whether fans want to see Julie Chen back for another season of the show. Inside the BB House recently hosted a poll of that nature, where the overwhelming response was full support of the show retaining its host. That’s high praise, but she has done such a great job through the first 20 regular seasons, a celebrity version, and even an online season (BB: Over The Top), that this was an expected result.

CBS hasn’t made any official announcements about the summer 2019 season, but that could simply be because the promotion for Celebrity Big Brother 2 has already started. The network released a full BB Celeb schedule, allowing viewers to start planning out their winter TV watching. Now, most fans are just waiting to hear which celebrities will participate and hoping that Julie Chen Moonves will still be there as well.