Freshman shows 2018-2019 scorecard: Are your favorite new shows canceled or renewed?

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Every year, networks pick up new shows. Some of them live to run for decades and others are canceled after one season. Will your favorite freshman shows of the 2018-2019 season be canceled or renewed?

Networks will find new shows to pick up and add into their schedule every year. Some of these shows are fall freshman shows and others are held off to the spring or the summer. The five big networks have all brought a mixture of new shows in the 2018-2019 season and it’s time to look at whether they’re going to be canceled or renewed.

There have been comedies, dramas, a mixture of both, and so much more. We’ve had reboots that nobody asked that haven’t turned out as bad as expected (Charmed) for and fresh content that have connected in a variety of ways. Comedy showrunners have taken their first venture into drama (A Million Little Things) and networks have taken a punt on shows that didn’t even have a pilot episode ready (Legacies).

For this scorecard, I’ll split the slides by network. On each network slide, the shows will be split between fall freshman shows and those that have been held off for the midseason, spring, or summer. As you can expect, the midseason shows haven’t aired yet so it’s too soon to tell if they’ll be renewed. I’ll update this scorecard as the new shows premiere and run for a few episodes.

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Like with the 2018-2019 renewal scorecard, I’ll use the following metric:

  • Too Soon to Tell: A series is either in the early stages of its season or has yet to premiere.
  • Officially Renewed: An official renewal has been issued by the network.
  • Renewal a Sure Thing: An official renewal has not yet been issued, but is merely a formality.
  • Renewal a Safe Bet: An official renewal has not yet been issued, but ratings are strong enough to warrant a renewal.
  • Renewal Looking Likely: While a renewal could go either way, the odds are tilted slightly in the series’ favor.
  • Renewal a 50/50 Chance: A renewal could go either way (think of these as the proverbial bubble series).
  • Renewal Looking Unlikely: While a renewal could go either way, the odds are tilted slightly against the series’ favor.
  • Unofficially Canceled: An official cancellation has not been issued, but there are no plans for move forward with additional seasons.
  • Officially Canceled: An official cancellation has been issued by the network.

Will your favorite new shows be canceled or renewed? Are their fates already determined?

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