Shadowhunters Season 3B: Jacky Lai to play Aline Penhallow

We knew Aline Penhallow would be returning to Shadowhunters in Season 3B, but it’s been announced the role will now be played by Jacky Lai. Help us welcome her to the #ShadowFam!

To celebrate the return of Shadowhunters in 2019, Freeform has been posting behind-the-scenes photos and short videos throughout the month of December as part of the #25DaysOfTeasers for Shadowhunters Season 3B. For Day 21, Freeform posted a picture of Jace and Aline in the New York Institute, along with the caption “Together Again.” Though fans were over-the-moon to see that Aline Penhallow had returned to the Institute, they were quick to notice that Aline looked a bit different from when they last saw her.

While it was not a surprise that Aline Penhallow would return in Shadowhunters Season 3B, there hadn’t been an announcement that the character would be played by a different actress. After some quick Twitter introductions and celebrations, we learned Jacky Lai would be taking over the role. Welcome to the #ShadowFam!

We last saw Aline Penhallow, played by Eileen Li, in Season 2B when she came face-to-face with her cousin Sebastian’s imposter. Freeform has not released a statement on why the role has been recast, but we assume it was due to filming or scheduling conflicts.

Thanks to the casting news, not only did we get to see a picture of Aline in Shadowhunter gear working at the Institute, but showrunner Todd Slavkin also posted a behind-the-scenes photo of Jacky Lai and Sydney Meyer as Aline and Helen — and they look party-ready.

(And we know you already spied THAT possible wedding scene in the background.)

Check out both Shadowhunters Season 3B Aline Penhallow posts below:

What are you most hoping to see with Aline Penhallow and Helen Blackthorn’s storylines in Shadowhunters Season 3B? Let us know in the comments below!

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Shadowhunters returns to Freeform on Monday, February 25. Be sure to check back with Hidden Remote for more previews, news, and updates about the upcoming season.

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