Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast: Could Bristol Palin play the game?

A Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast hint was dropped on social media. This time, it was made to appear like someone from the political spectrum could soon be inside the BB house.

A trusted source has revealed more Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast hints on social media. Taking to Twitter on Saturday (December 22), user REALvegas4sure posted some more morsels of information for fans to enjoy. This is in addition to the ones that were posted at the end of November, spurring a guessing game about who might be playing the game next. It’s time to make another guess about who might be on the cast list.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast hint

The latest trio of images (as seen below) are of what could be considered a government building or courthouse, a bald eagle, and an American flag. A lot of early guesses are that this refers to someone who has worked in government or directly in the White House. But how about someone related to a presidential candidate in recent years?

Bristol Palin is the daughter of Sarah Palin, the former vice-presidential candidate under presidential candidate John McCain. The duo came up short against President Barack Obama in the election, but the Palin family has been involved in reality television ever since that time. Could one of the Palin’s be ready to take on the difficult reality competition show that CBS is airing in January?

Who is Bristol Palin?

Bristol Palin is 28 years old and has participated in a number of reality shows. Most recently, she has been seen on Teen Mom OG, which airs on MTV. Many television viewers will also remember her from a season of Dancing With the Stars, where she finished in third place. The oldest daughter of the Governor for Alaska and someone who has not strayed very far from politics, Bristol Palin certainly seems like someone who could bring eyes to the show.

It should be pointed out that there are a lot of celebrities that could correlate to the three images posted on social media. During the last season of the show, Omarosa, who worked in the White House for President Donald Trump, appeared as a contestant. While there isn’t another person like that one which jumps out, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a national politician either. So, Big Brother fans, who do you think that the hints point toward joining the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast?