Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2018? A quick look back

Fans are asking who won Celebrity Big Brother 2018 as the new season of the show is about to begin. It’s been almost a year since the first season finale of the show in the United States, causing some viewers to forget who won.

It was during February when Celebrity Big Brother 2018 took place. CBS decided to bring in a group of celebrities to give television viewers an alternative to the Winter Olympics. It ended up working very well, as the celebrities turned the reality competition show into a ratings favorite for the winter. It is now about to debut with a 2019 installment, causing fans to take a look back.

Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2018?

Eleven houseguests took part in a season that lasted less than a month on CBS. The network and show producers packed the episodes into a short time frame, ensuring that the celebrities wouldn’t have to commit too much time to the game. It still wasn’t short enough, as several of them quit to get back to their families.

As for the most successful celebrity houseguests, a powerful alliance of Ross Mathews, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Ariadna Gutierrez, and Brandi Glanville controlled the game for most of the season. Ross and Marissa seemed especially geared toward finding success inside the BB house. In the end, Marissa was declared the Celebrity Big Brother winner and Ross finished in second place. Ross was also named America’s Favorite Houseguest for the season.

Season 2 start date coming up

CBS has already revealed a full schedule for the winter 2019 episodes of the show. The return date is Monday, January 21, with four episodes taking place during that debut week. The network hasn’t revealed a new cast list, yet, though, so there is a lot of speculation taking place online about who might be playing the reality competition next. Could Bristol Palin be one of them?

One reason that some viewers may have forgotten who won Celebrity Big Brother 2018 was that Ross Mathews had controlled the game from the start to the finish. Marissa Jaret Winokur was his main alliance partner, but she ended up making better friends with jury members. Those jury members named her the first U.S. Celebrity Big Brother winner.