Big Brother advice: If you are going to be on show, watch past seasons

Big Brother is a reality competition show on CBS that has had 22 seasons in the United States. For applicants and possible future houseguests, watching past seasons is an important preparation tool.

It’s always important to learn from the past. That’s also the case if you are going to appear on a reality show. It’s the same for the CBS reality competition shows, where learning what not to do is an important step toward success. An important piece of Big Brother advice revolves around the past. For anyone planning to be on Celeb BB 2 or Big Brother 21, it’s time to watch past seasons.

Some important Big Brother advice

During the past summer version of the sow (BB20), the final 11 played the game for 99 days. That includes the time that some of them spent in the jury house, but it was all time away from their families. Counting the time they were sequestered before it began, that’s likely more than 100 days they committed to competing.

That’s a lot of time to be away from family, friends, social media, sporting events, news, and the comforts of home. Watching past seasons can help show how successful houseguests dealt with their time inside the BB house and what caused some people to break down during the process. While it might sound like an exciting endeavor, there are also pitfalls to watch out for, like communal living, a shared bathroom, and the risk of eating slop for a week. What is slop?

CBS All Access: 22 Big Brother seasons

There have been 20 summer seasons, an online season (Big Brother: Over the Top), and one celebrity version of the show, so far. And that’s just the U.S. installments. That’s 20 years of footage, all available through the CBS All Access application. It’s hundreds of episodes that can be used as a resource, showing how people from all walks of life have played the game. It’s a great way to learn the history of the show, become familiar with competitions, and get prepared mentally.

Every season, there are houseguests who either don’t seem to understand what is going on inside the game or don’t understand how to play it. While there is always room for new strategies in the game, there are many valuable lessons to learn from the past. That includes how alliances can work, the importance of understanding the Power of Veto, and even jury management. In addition to past seasons, more Big Brother advice can even be found on social media from former houseguests. Learn from the past.