Celebrity Big Brother house remodeled, fans ready for a tour

Celebrity Big Brother cast members will get to enjoy a new-look house this winter. The BB house has been remodeled, with an expectation that there will be a host-led tour coming up soon.

A post on social media has revealed that the Big Brother house was remodeled for 2019. This is great news, as it means the new Celebrity Big Brother cast is going to get to enjoy a new-look inside the BB house. What fans want to see now are some pictures to go along with the report, as right now it just seems like a big tease for viewers.

A Celebrity Big Brother house tour?

Last winter, host Julie Chen provided a house tour video before the celebrities started playing the game. She was able to share that through her Twitter page and during her time as a co-host of The View. The video is shared below for fans to get another glimpse at what it looked like for the 2018 Celebrity Big Brother cast.

The video above was shared on January 30, 2018, just after the cast was revealed during the Grammy Awards on CBS. The season premiere took place on February 7, with the inaugural season in the United States coming to an end before the month ended.

If CBS and show producers stick to a familiar schedule, then fans should get to see a new Celebrity Big Brother house tour soon after the next cast is revealed. That leads to the inevitable question of when is the cast going to be announced. It will be very soon, but an exact date is not available.

Celebrity Big Brother cast rumors

Dina Lohan, the mother of Lindsay Lohan, was reportedly offered a spot in the house this winter. This followed some other hints shared on social media, where someone close to production revealed some emojis that correlate with future houseguests.

There is a lot of conjecture and online chatter about when the new cast is going to be revealed to the public. It is helping to create a lot of positive buzz for the show, but it hasn’t taken fans any closer to knowing who will be playing the game this winter. Viewers can count on the schedule, though, which was revealed by CBS and has four episodes during the first week of shows.