New Amsterdam returns: Will Max survive the season?

Ryan Eggold’s performance as Max Goodwin is a big reason for New Amsterdam’s success. But will he survive until Season 2?

Max has throat cancer and in the midseason premiere, he was rushed to the New Amsterdam ER after collapsing on a dock while on a picnic with his wife Georgia. Prior to this medical emergency, no one was aware of Max’s condition apart from his doctor, friend, and confidante, Helen Sharpe, and Georgia.

To say his diagnosis was a shock to the staff and other members of the hospital would be a massive understatement. Max has been the missing link New Amsterdam needed to get its focus shifted back to patient care rather than corporate greed. He has been the guiding light for change in the healthcare world and to grapple with the possibility of losing him is unimaginable.

Max’s brush with death leads him to a decision. Before the show went on its winter hiatus, Max wanted to try a risky immuno-therapy to fight his throat cancer so he could continue to run the hospital. After his collapse, he realized he didn’t want something with that much risk involved. He wants to fight for his life, for his relationship with his estranged wife, and for the life of his yet-to-born daughter.

Luckily for him, he has a fantastic staff of doctors who agree to support him and delegate his duties as medical director so he doesn’t lose his position while undergoing chemotherapy.

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So, what are Max’s odds of survival?

As much as audiences and characters within the world of New Amsterdam all want Max to live, this is primetime television and a post-Ned Stark world, anything is possible.

That said, he has the fact this show is loosely based on a true story going for him. Max Goodwin is based on real-life doctor Eric Manheimer and he is still alive to this day. In fact, he is currently working as a producer on the show.

Unless New Amsterdam radically shifts Manheimer’s real experience battling squamous cell carcinoma, then I believe Max is going to make it out of Season 1 alive and hopefully live on for many more seasons as I’m sure fans of the show agree.

What are Max’s odds of survival? I’m giving him a 95% chance of living a long life.

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What do you think Max’s chances of survival are? Will you still watch New Amsterdam if the show kills him off? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

A new episode of New Amsterdam titled “A Seat at the Table” airs Tuesday, January 15th on NBC.

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