When will Supernatural Season 14 stream on Netflix?

When will Supernatural Season 14 appear in Netflix? We have a pretty good idea based on their partnership.

Supernatural fans should be getting Season 14 on Netflix earlier than usual. The CW announced some premiere and finale dates recently, which included the Supernatural Season 14 finale on April 25. Based on the CW and Netflix’s agreement there is an eight-day rule from when the finale airs and it could appear on the streaming service.

So we can feel good saying, Supernatural Season 14 will stream on Netflix on May 3.

If it feels like the Season 14 finale is earlier than usual, you’d be right. This season, Supernatural had just 20 episodes, down from the typical 22 or 23 it would normally do.

The actors apparently wanted to work slightly fewer days to be able to spend more time with their families. Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have three young children of which their families live in Austin, TX. Spending more time with family is a high priority, and 20 episodes is a whole lot better than no episodes for the actors and fans.

This season has been particularly good so far. The action has been great and the interactions between the actors have been a lot fun. It’s a good reminder of how great this show continues to be even after 14 years.

If you’re looking for a good binge watch this spring, circle that calendar for May 3. It’s time to get your fill of Supernatural and see just how Dean, Sam, Castiel, Jack, Mary, and Bobby are doing in the time when AU Michael is roaming the world.

The eight-day rule applies for U.S. Netflix customers only. There is no date on when or if the 14th season will stream on Netflix in other parts of the world.

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