Celebrity Big Brother premiere date 2019 a two-night event

Celebrity Big Brother premiere date 2019 information is available for CBS viewers and fans of the show. The season premiere is actually a two-night event, packing in the information.

The Celebrity Big Brother premiere date for 2019 falls on Monday, January 21. It continues on Tuesday, January 22, as the first two episodes are tied together this season. This will give producers a lot of time to show information about the new celebrity cast. CBS already revealed the 12 new celebrities who will be playing the game this season. A report by Inside the BB House provides cast photos and bios of all 12 houseguests.

Celebrity Big Brother premiere date 2019 and schedule

There are 13 episodes for BB Celeb Season 2, beginning with the 2019 season premiere. It’s going to be a quick season, meaning the celebrities won’t have to play the game as long as the summer houseguests. In fact, it will be roughly 30 days for the cast, whereas it was 99 days for the Big Brother 20 winner.

As previous Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have revealed, the new cast is already playing the game. They are inside the house and have been taking part in the reality competition show for several days now. This is all in an effort to provide producers with ample footage for the first week of episodes. It’s a big deal, as there is likely a lot of drama already going on between this new group of celebrities. Did the alcohol provided to the celebrities lead to some early dramatic moments?

Specifics about the 2019 Celebrity Big Brother premiere date

Episode 1 will air at 8/7c on CBS. That takes place on Monday, January 21, quickly followed by Episode 2 at the same time on Tuesday night. Both episodes will likely be made up entirely of pre-recorded footage, possibly indicating that the Wednesday night episode (January 23) will be the first time that CBS viewers get to see a live presentation. A full schedule of winter 2019 episodes is also available.

There are a number of interesting people that will make up the BB Celeb 2 cast. It will definitely be interesting to see how they interact with each other and which celebrities emerge as the favorites to be named the winner this winter. It all starts with the Celebrity Big Brother premiere date, which is now being heavily advertised by CBS both online and during commercial breaks on TV.