Oscars: Get to know the 5 Animated Feature nominees

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Incredibles 2, Oscars
Incredibles 2, photo courtesy WD Media File /

The nominees for the 2019 Oscars were announced this morning, and everyone is buzzing. Let’s get to know the 5 movies nominated for Best Animated Feature.

The nominations for the 2019 Oscars are out! While everyone is focused on what was and wasn’t nominated in the four major categories, I’m more interested in the animated features!

Thanks to my five year old, this is the one category I rock every year in seeing most of the nominees. So, while everyone is arguing about who was snubbed, let’s look at each of the animated movies. If you haven’t seen one of the nominated movies below, get on it before the Oscars on February 24!

Incredibles 2

In June 2018, Disney/Pixar released the much anticipated sequel to one of their most popular films, Incredibles 2.  The sequel begins almost immediately where the first one leaves audiences, but it isn’t a complete retread of the first film.

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The movie follows Helen as she works to try to make a better name for superheroes. She works outside the home, while Bob is left home to care for the kids. This becomes quite the challenge when Jack Jack starts manifesting his powers.

Like most superhero movies, everything is not what it seems, and soon the family needs to band together and work as a team to save the city.

Incredibles 2 became one of the highest grossing animated features of all time, and went on to earn $1.2 billion worldwide during its theatrical run. It is currently available to rent and own from all major video retailers.