Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Did someone already quit?

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers may have already come from the live feeds. Late Tuesday evening (January 22), producers finally allowed live feed subscribers to see what has been going on inside the BB house.

Fresh Celebrity Big Brother spoilers may have been released through the live feed coverage. Following the Tuesday night episode on the West Coast, the feeds to the house were finally turned on. Suddenly, it became very obvious that there are only 11 people playing the game. As a group of four ladies enjoyed the tub and another group played cards in the kitchen, Anthony Scaramucci was not seen.

Where is Anthony Scaramucci?

Houseguests could be heard questioning why the picture of Anthony Scaramucci hadn’t been grayed out on the Memory Wall. When a houseguest quits or is evicted, the color is drained from their photo on the wall. It is a way to signify that the game has come to an end for that person. Production hasn’t done that for Anthony yet.

There are several theories about what has happened with Anthony. As previously reported by Inside the BB House, Anthony was one of the three nominees for eviction. After Ryan Lochte won the Head of Household Competition, that automatically put Jonathan Bennett on the block. Lochte then had to name two additional nominees. He went with Anthony and Tom Green.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Did Anthony Scaramucci quit?

Being on the block so quickly, it may have been too much for Anthony to take. During past seasons, some houseguests haven’t been able to handle being nominated. It’s certainly possible that Anthony didn’t want to hang around if he felt that he was going to be the first one evicted. Another potential scenario is that he got kicked off the show by production for breaking one or more of the rules.

There aren’t any answers to go along with what subscribers can see on the live feeds right now. All that is known for sure, is that there are 11 celebrities chatting up each other and that Anthony Scaramucci isn’t one of them. Did he have an injury? Is he sick? Did he quit? Was he kicked out? Stay tuned, because more Celebrity Big Brother spoilers about this situation will likely get revealed soon.