Celebrity Big Brother: What is the Power of the Publicist?

Tamar Braxton now has a special power called the Power of the Publicist. It is a twist in the show that has given her some protection from getting evicted for two cycles of the game.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 had seen a number of twists, but now producers have introduced a power that has already had an impact. Fans were allowed to vote for their favorite houseguest on Twitter, with a lot of support coming out for some of the cast members. It was Tamar Braxton who ended up trending the most.

What is the Power of the Publicist?

CBS stated that the Power of the Publicist allows the chosen houseguest (Tamar) to remove herself from being nominated at one of the next two Nomination Ceremonies or Veto Meetings. Head of Household Tom Green didn’t nominate Tamar this time, so she wasn’t even forced to use the power. He had falsely assumed that either Joey Lawrence of Kandi Burruss had it.

If Tamar is able to hold the power until there are only eight houseguests left, she has a huge bargaining tool. She hasn’t done very well in the challenges, quitting in several of them and struggling in others. This means she needs to play a strong social game over the next few weeks to make it to the final two.

Keeping the Power of the Publicist a secret from the next Celebrity Big Brother houseguest is also imperative. If Tamar can avoid her name getting called at the next Nomination Ceremony, the value of her power becomes immense heading into that next Veto Meeting.

Can Tamar Braxton become Celebrity Big Brother winner?

During the first season of the show, Marissa Jaret Winokur found a way to win the game without being the best player in the house. That was likely Ross Mathews, but Marissa played a better social game. Can Tamar follow that same route? Or has she already burned too many bridges?

A lot of new Celebrity Big Brother spoilers are online, including who won the Power of Veto this week and what happened at the Veto Meeting. It has led to a big eviction prediction for Saturday night’s episode (February 2).