Celebrity Big Brother 2019 schedule: Don’t forget about new episode days!

The Celebrity Big Brother 2019 schedule is shaking things up again, beginning with a Saturday night episode (February 2) on CBS.

With so many episodes in such a short time, the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 schedule has had to work around what’s available to it. That means a Saturday night episode and no more Sunday episodes this winter. It’s a shift that makes things tougher on viewers trying to keep up with the program, but it’s also geared toward making the episodes all accessible. Having an episode on Super Bowl Sunday (February 3) might have killed viewership.

Breaking down Celebrity Big Brother 2019 schedule

There are just six episodes of the winter installment left, including the one that takes place on February 2. Yep, that means the season finale is coming up more quickly than a lot of viewers would prefer to see on the CBS schedule. Celebrities can’t play the game for as long as the typical summer contestants.

Episode airdates on CBS

Episode 8: Saturday, Feb. 2, 8/7c
Episode 9: Monday, Feb. 4, 9/8c (New Start Time)
Episode 10: Thursday, Feb. 7, 9/8c PM
Episode 11: Friday, Feb. 8, 8/7c (Two-Hour Double Eviction)
Episode 12: Monday, Feb. 11, 9/8c
Episode 13: Wednesday, Feb. 13, 9/8c (Two-Hour Finale)

Still nine members of Celebrity Big Brother cast left

Heading into the Eviction Ceremony that takes place on February 2, there are still nine houseguests competing for the $250,000. Only Anthony Scaramucci, Jonathan Bennett, and Ryan Lochte have been removed from the house. It turned out that Anthony wasn’t even competing for the prize. Jonathan and Ryan sure would have liked to win, though.

It means that the final eight houseguests have to get down to a final two before the season finale. That episode is on the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 schedule for Wednesday, February 13. It’s amusing to note that Episode 13 is on February 13, but there is still a lot of game left to be played. Which one of these cast members can become the Celebrity Big Brother 2 winner?

The February 2 eviction is a big one. As the episode approaches, there is still some debate among the houseguests about who they want to evict. While the primary target has been revealed on the live feeds, there is chatter that could cause the vote to shift. That would certainly cause even more chaos in the coming days. Here are the latest spoilers for readers that want to get ahead of the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 schedule.