Fuller House fans launch #HowRude campaign to save the show


Fans of Fuller House were surprised to hear their favorite show was canceled. As soon as they learned the news, they became part of a #HowRude campaign to save the series.

Fans of Fuller House were unexpectedly hit on Thursday with the news that Netflix renewed the spinoff for a fifth and final season consisting of 18 episodes. The Fuller House fan page and website owner, Mar, launched a “#HowRude Campaign” in a last ditch effort to save the show.

As many fans know, #HowRude is a tagline Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) has been saying since the original show, Full House, aired. I like the title of the campaign as it’s perfect. Fans were thrilled that the spinoff will receive one more season, but they’re upset that Netflix is not renewing the show after the fifth season. I don’t blame the fans one bit.

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The season count of Fuller House is pretty interesting. The first two seasons had 13 episodes, followed by the third season with 18 episodes. It then back went down to 13 episodes in the fourth season, then Netflix ordered 18 episodes for the last season.

It makes me wonder if Netflix feels bad about canceling the show or if Netflix just wants to make the fans happy.

Fuller House fan page and website owner, Mar, wrote about the campaign below:

"Hey guy’s, it’s Mar! (Fuller House Fan Page Owner)Lets try a last ditch effort to save this show! We have so much time in my opinion to at least TRY! Lets get word out about this campaign! Use the hashtag #HowRudeCampaign and #SaveFullerHouse on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram! I have the experience with this type of thing because when Girl Meets World ended I helped out a cast members mother in getting word out due to the amount fans on my pages! I helped get the campaign to the media. Hopefully we can get coverage for Fuller House as well! Any questions you may have regarding the campaign you can reach me atEmail: fullerhousefanpageowner@gmail.comTwitter: @lionandthelamb2"

She added the address for Netflix and all involved companies’ information on the link in a Google Document. It appears that the cast is vocal about wanting to keep Fuller House going as well.

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Can Warner Bros shop the show around? They are the production company for the show. Warner Bros is the one who didn’t renew the contract of Full House and Fuller House creator, Jeff Franklin, contract due to allegations of misconduct.

Maybe something can be done after this, you never know. Mainly, this is John Stamos show, so I wonder what he will do about this. We all know how much he and the cast care about the spinoff.

As fans, we’re not ready to wave goodbye just yet, and the cast isn’t either. The show is known for its cheesiness and corniness, and that’s why we love it. Fuller House is our guilty pleasure.

Fuller House
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Tweet!! Make your voices heard

Make sure you’re consistently tweeting all the networks such as @ABCStudios, @ABCNetwork, @Netflix, @Hulu, @Hulu_support, @Amazon, @PrimeVideo, and @AmazonStudios. Make your voice heard and let the networks know how passionate you are about the show and how much you want to save Fuller House.

Hulu has the rights to all of the original Full House episodes, so it may be the one to save Fuller House. Make sure you’re emailing, tweeting, and calling all the networks as well. The more the networks hear about this, the better.

Important: Don’t send any rude messages! Make sure they’re polite, otherwise it won’t help the case.

While you’re tweeting, make sure you use the hashtag #HowRudeCampaign. You’ll also see there are a lot of tweets to save the show on Twitter. The networks pay attention to social media, which is a great thing.

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Will you join in the campaign to help save Fuller House? Let us know below. If you also know of any other ways to help save the show, comment below as it will help the other fans out.

Fuller House Seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix. Season 5 doesn’t have a release date yet.