The creator of Orange is the New Black is producing Lifetime’s newest dramedy: American Princess

The creator of Orange is the New Black and Weeds, Jenji Kohan, serves as a producer on Lifetime’s newest dramedy, American Princess, and we have the full trailer breakdown.

Created by actress Jamie Denbo, American Princess is the unconventional story of a New York socialite (hence the title) seeking a change of pace. After abandoning her old life when her family refuses to understand what she’s going through, Amanda joins a Renaissance Faire on a whim.

Meet Amanda Klein

Hailing from the Upper East Side, socialite Amanda Klein (played by Australian actress Georgia Flood) has her dreams dashed when her fiancé cheats on her before they make it down the aisle. As in, while in his wedding tuxedo he gets down and dirty in the bridal suite. Given his pre-marital bliss, Amanda ditches him and goes into a steady decline, or what she terms a “mini-bender” (is any bender mini?).

With her entire family putting pressure on her to make a change and take control of her life in the wake of this scandal, Amanda runs away from home, hoping to find sanctuary somewhere she can start over.

A Faire to Remember

Of all the places Amanda Klein could wind up, she walks into the land of make-believe and home to massive turkey legs, Shakespearean parody, and corsets. At the Royal Renaissance Faire, Amanda begins as a fish-out-of-water but flourishes amidst her new wacky cohorts and makeshift family.

They’re far more accepting of her and she is welcomed into the fold much to the dismay of her family who believes she is being brainwashed by a cult.

But her experience allows her to broaden her horizons and befriend Delilah (Mary Hollis Inboden from The Real O’Neals) and Brian (Rory O’Malley from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), people who will become both friend and confidante to Amanda as she experiences the Renaissance circuit and all the chaos it entails.

Pizzle Humpsalot

Lucas Neff plays David, known as Pizzle Humpsalot on the Shakespeare circuit where he performs parodies of the famous writer’s plays with a side of Magic Mike. “To be or not to be? I mean, to pee or not to pee?” He shouts to a rowdy crowd before spritzing them all with a stream of water.

Clearly, Neff has the charisma and charm to pull this off as demonstrated in the brief seconds he appears in the trailer. David will be a potential love interest for Amanda.

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Will you be watching American Princess? Does the plot of the show interest you? Have you liked Jenji Kohan’s other shows in the past? Let us know in the comments!

American Princess premieres June 2 on Lifetime.

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