Celebrity Big Brother spoilers update: Information leading into Double Eviction

The Celebrity Big Brother cast will have a Double Eviction Ceremony during the Friday, February 8 episode of the show. It will take the CBB2 cast from seven people down to just five.

A lot of Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have been revealed on the live feeds this week and this is an update ahead of the Double Eviction. During the February 7 episode of the show, it was finally revealed that Tom Green won Head of Household. He then nominated Ricky Williams and Natalie Eva Marie for eviction.

Nomination Ceremony fallout

It was hinted at during the episode, but Ricky, Natalie, and Lolo Jones were very displeased with what Tom decided to do at the Nomination Ceremony. It’s unclear if they really understood that when you go after someone (like they did with Tom and his buddy, Kato Kaelin), that the person is going to figure out a way to enact revenge inside the BB house.

Breaking it down, Tom would have a successful week as HOH if one of Ricky, Natalie, or Lolo ended up being the next evicted houseguest. He has enough targets that it would have been difficult to not get one of them out of the game. In summation, Tom is about to find that success.

Who won the Power of Veto?

Tom Green won the Power of Veto this time. That will be shown near the beginning of the February 8 episode. It meant that the power was entirely his to decide who would be on the block during the first Eviction Ceremony of the night. What he did next might be surprising to some CBS viewers. That’s going to make for some good television.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from Veto Meeting

Tom used his Power of Veto to save Ricky from the block. The last episode made it seem like Tom wanted Ricky out first, so it could be a shocking revelation. As revealed on the CBS live feeds, Natalie and Lolo are on the block for when the house decides on who gets evicted (first) from the Big Brother house tonight.

The duo of Natalie Eva Marie and Lolo Jones is about to come to an end. It had been noted that the rest of the house viewed Natalie as a bigger threat than Ricky, so that will be explored further, before the four voters decide whether to keep Natalie or Lolo. Ricky has asked the women to decide who he should vote out, so that’s another issue to be addressed. After Natalie or Lolo gets evicted, the Celebrity Big Brother cast will play out a week’s worth of events to send home a second houseguest.