Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Updated live feed info, eviction targets

Five people are left competing for the $250,000. The Celebrity Big Brother cast has had some very dramatic moments, and that will continue straight through the season finale.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have started piling up over the weekend. On Friday night (February 8), a Double Eviction took place on the show. It led to Natalie Eva Marie and Tom Green being sent home. They will be back to vote on the winner at the season finale.

A new Head of Household takes the power

The final five houseguests played another competition to decide who would become the latest HOH. It was revealed on the CBS live feeds that Ricky Williams had won that power. It’s the first time that Ricky has been HOH this winter and it guaranteed he would make it to the final four.

Ricky hosts Celebrity Big Brother Nomination Ceremony

Ricky took the opportunity to protect the strongest alliance members he has left in the house, keeping Lolo Jones and Tamar Braxton safe. For now. Dina Lohan and Kandi Burruss became the nominees, but they have a shot to save themselves with the Power of Veto.

Celebrity Big Brother schedule continues

There are just two episodes left on the CBS winter schedule for the show. On Monday night (February 11), viewers will get to see what has happened through the weekend. It’s when Ricky’s power will get shown off. Is he targeting the right people in order to make it to the final two?

Who will win Celebrity Big Brother 2?

During the February 13 season finale, the CBB2 jury will decide on the winner. Everyone who has been evicted will return to the stage and nine voters will decide between the final two houseguests. Will Lolo Jones, Ricky Williams, Dina Lohan, Kandi Burruss, or Tamar Braxton win?

Don’t forget to vote on who should win America’s Favorite Houseguest this winter. It can even go to someone who was already evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.