Project Blue Book renewed: Is an alien invasion imminent?

Aidan Gillen stars as Dr. J. Allen Hynek in HISTORY’s new drama series “Project Blue Book” premiering January 8.Photo by Eduardo Araquel/HISTORYCopyright 2019
Aidan Gillen stars as Dr. J. Allen Hynek in HISTORY’s new drama series “Project Blue Book” premiering January 8.Photo by Eduardo Araquel/HISTORYCopyright 2019 /

Project Blue Book has been renewed for a second season, what will the show look like as it continues? Will aliens actually invade Earth?

Now that Project Blue Book has officially been renewed, I have ample time to consider something I’ve been thinking about since the show premiered. How can the concept of a clandestine government operation with the aim to study extraterrestrial intelligence sustain itself across multiple seasons?

The obvious comparison here is The X-Files. Hynek and Quinn already serve similar roles to Scully and Mulder, the skeptic and the believer. But whereas The X-Files dove headfirst into monstrous creatures and science fiction elements, Project Blue Book is far more grounded in its exploration of the otherworldly.

That said, the first season has already progressed further with the alien elements than I anticipated. Hynek has already come face-to-face with a specimen and we’ve seen proof of brainwashing, particularly in Fuller’s shocking death.

If Project Blue Book continues on the same path in its second season, does that mean we will eventually see a full-scale alien invasion?

In my honest opinion, no, I don’t think so. But I am curious as to what direction the show will take as it moves forward. Currently, it is operating as a procedural with a greater mythological arc weaving together a season-long storyline. A sub-plot involving Susie Miller, Mimi, and Russian intelligence runs concurrently to Hynek’s deeper involvement in the government organization and with the man in the hat.

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There are clear indicators that other life-forms exist, but it would appear the show wants to focus more on how the government is utilizing that information to benefit their own interests rather than on the agenda of extraterrestrials. While that could change as the show evolves, I think it will remain grounded and as realistic as possible. After all, it is airing on the History channel and thus far Project Blue Book has been using real cases to influence its cases.

I think a second season will be more of the same, in terms of Hynek and Quinn continuing to investigate strange UFO sightings and other otherworldly phenomena. Though I believe escalation is possible. Perhaps the show will veer more towards the science-fiction over the factual evidence. This government conspiracy plot must come to a head by season’s end too, allowing for conflict ahead.

Will Susie Miller live to see a second season? So far, the Russian intelligence sub-plot hasn’t impacted the main storyline very much. I wonder if that might change.

Hopefully, Project Blue Book doesn’t ever devolve into The Walking Deadwith-aliens, what makes it special is its unique approach to the material. The historical and pragmatic storytelling offers the kind of chilling perspective that leaves you wondering what the government is hiding from us. It’s what makes stories and media about Area 51 and the like so compelling. Project Blue Book has mastered the right tone, now it’s just about sustaining it moving forward.

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Have you been enjoying Project Blue Book? Are you hoping to see more alien interaction before the season ends? What do you want to see from a second season?

A new episode of Project Blue Book premieres February 12th on the History channel.