Why is Supernatural Season 14 taking a month-long break?

While we got a trailer for Supernatural Season 14, Episode 14, it was clear that the episode wouldn’t air next week. Why is the CW disrupting the usual schedule?

Supernatural Season 14 is taking a break. After Episode 300, a trailer for the next episode aired and it was soon clear there wouldn’t be a new episode on Feb. 14. There isn’t a new episode for a month, but why is that?

While I know many will immediately say it’s because of the shorter season, that’s not the main reason. It’s all to do with filming. There’s always a break around this time of year. Sometimes it’s in February and sometimes it’s in March.

This is where the shorter season plays a part. With the season finale expected on Apr. 25, it wouldn’t make sense to have a March break and return for just four weeks or so. Plus, the time is needed now to film the upcoming episodes (the final episodes).

New episodes returning on Mar. 7 does mean that there may be a week off — either that or the finale will air a week earlier than initially expected. After all, there are seven episodes left but eight weeks. It’s possible that we’ll see some sort of 300 episode special at the end of the season since The CW isn’t airing that this Thursday and didn’t air anything in the hour before or after Episode 300. I really am just speculating there.

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The month-long break will give the production time to film two more episodes. On Feb. 7, filming on Episode 16 wrapped (it will be the 15th episode, but it’s the 16th episode filmed). That means the production will get through the filming of Episodes 17 and 18 and start prep work on Episode 19 during this month-long break.

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Are you disappointed at the month-long break? What do you hope to see in the next seven episodes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural returns on Mar. 7 with all-new episodes at 8/7c on The CW.

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