What to expect from the first two episodes of DCU’s Doom Patrol

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DC Universe’s original series Doom Patrol is gearing up for the debut this week and after attending an early screening of the first two episodes we believe there are multiple reasons to watch the powerhouse series.

After the success of Titans and Young Justice, DCU is shedding light on those heroes who receive less acknowledgment in the Doom Patrol. Originally known as a Titans spin-off, Doom Patrol embraces a unique change in regards to the narrative of other superhero shows we’ve seen before. It’s essentially entertaining, strange, and uniquely wonderful. So what exactly makes Doom Patrol worth watching?

Brendan Fraser is the heart of the show

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Fraser makes a return in Doom Patrol and those involved describe him as “the heart” of the series during a Q&A with the cast and creators. From the first early moments of the series, you become privy to the rise and fall of his character who ends up in a massive accident, leading him to become Robotman. The series begins to explore his tumultuous relationship with his wife, their child, and the fallout from the event that forces him to reanalyze his existence.

In moments his character is a hot-head, and in others, he is the surrogate father figure to another Doom Patrol member who gives us several heartwarming moments and will almost instantly spark an interest in the path his character will be taking in the near future. Fraser’s talent is depicted perfectly for a character who has no way of showing any actual emotion – and between his story and the actor’s portrayal, Robotman is a quick MVP of the series.

The use of each character’s unique story

One thing that separates Doom Patrol from Titans is the almost instant setup for each characters individual history. There’s an immediate buildup of something more overarching, but by the end of Episode 2, there’s something that visibly effects them and their fears of their pasts.

While you may not be familiar with each character’s origin stories, this makes it a perfect way to tell a story that hasn’t been adapted until now and there isn’t a single weak link amongst the Doom Patrol roster from a writing perspective. If we were going to drop a hint at who could be the most interesting story, Robotman, Elasti-Woman, and especially Crazy Jane are three heroes you can expect to learn quite a lot about in thrilling and comedic ways.

DCU’s Cyborg surpasses previous incarnations

When Cyborg was announced to join the series, people wondered how he would fit in with this eclectic group of heroes and by Episode 2 he enters the fray. In the past, Cyborg has been a character who flourishes in comedic timing and often takes a backseat to others.

In Doom Patrol, he joins because of a personal connection and quickly takes the reigns in a setting he has absolutely no control over. Cyborg strives to prove himself as a leader and has Justice League aspirations, so before making that jump, Doom Patrol is a great start for the young hero. Because of his memorable debut in the series and Jovian Wade’s spin on the cybernetically enhanced juggernaut, we have a great feeling about the direction they are taking the fan-favorite character.

Doom Patrol
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Alan Tudyk is the narrator and villain we needed

Tudyk is in Doom Patrol as the villain Mr. Nobody, and is introduced within minutes of the series premiere. His role isn’t fully explained just yet, but there are inclusions of his abilities, personality, and dark history with Timothy Dalton’s character, causing the first immersive moment that sets the bar for what Doom Patrol will be facing as a team.

The physical depiction of his character is largely eerie and perfect given the complicated process of bringing him to life and the character serves as an unexpected narrator who knows everything about the heroes he now has a fascination with. As Episode 2 concludes, his role is only more intriguing and perplexing, leaving us wanting more of Tudyk as a villain (which we knew he could do so effortlessly thanks to his stint on Dollhouse.)

Crazy Jane and her 64 personalities

Crazy Jane is a DC character with untapped potential and possibilities. Jane has an estimated 64 personalities that are all vying for their time in the spotlight – and each personality has its own ability. Jane herself is the dominant (and original) persona, but the mixture of different personalities can make her a dangerous wildcard for the team.

A few of them surface over the course of the two episodes, and Diane Guerrero makes each transition distinct by showcasing polar opposite personalities with ease. Jane is going to be a character who you learn has suffered traumas (resulting in the splintered personalities) and has a lot of promise due to her mystery and Guerrero’s adaptation.

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Are you excited for the debut of Doom Patrol? What are you looking forward to seeing? Share in the comments below.

Doom Patrol begins streaming on DC Universe starting Feb. 15, with each of its 15 episodes airing on a weekly basis.