Disney: Will Frozen eventually get a live-action reboot?

With Disney making live-action reboots of their biggest properties and Frozen 2 on the way, will a Frozen live-action reboot be coming soon?

It seems like original content is taking a backseat, at least for Disney. The company is planning out sequels and live-action reboots for their beloved properties. Even their latest trailer drop was for Frozen 2. Many assume a full trailer for The Lion King or Lady in the Tramp will be coming next.

Looking back at their track record though, it’s a 50-50 shot on if the said reboot will success. The Jungle Book, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast garnered mixed reviews with critics and fans not loving them but not necessarily hating them.

In this new age of reboots, it brings up a lot of questions. Mostly, how far is Disney willing to go before they stop? Many wonder how long until almost all of its movies have a live-action companion.

With the trailer for Frozen 2 dropping, that brings up a whole new question: Will Disney eventually make a live-action version of Frozen? Unsurprisingly, there’s no simple answer to that question. With Disney’s sudden focus on live-action reboots, it’s more likely than not.

Unlike the reboots in the works, Frozen is on an entirely different wavelength. It’s the sixth highest-grossing film ever and the highest-grossing animated film ever. Simply put, people loved Frozen and it showed.

With such a beloved animated classic, why would Disney want to mess with it? The formula already worked perfectly and made the company billions of dollars. The answer to that question is simple and it’s money. If you could make more money, then why wouldn’t you try? As consumers, Disney knows what we like and what we’re willing to pay for.

As far as live-action reboots, Frozen is an easy pick. Most of the characters are human so there isn’t going to be much CGI. The only characters who might need CG are Olaf and Sven. That adds another layer as it’s unclear if Disney would reboot the original film or use a different story entirely. Ultimately, it will depend on how their upcoming live-action projects fare.

There might even be talks of a live-action Frozen now. However, I don’t think Disney will produce one for at least five years. They already have a tight schedule with their current lineup and don’t see them adding another project just yet. Frozen is still a relatively new property and Disney will likely wait to see how it ages.

Getting back to the question at hand: Will Disney eventually make a live-action Frozen? Yes but probably not anytime soon. It is still too new and they’re already producing an animated sequel. Until then, Disney has three coming out this year and a ton on the way.

Do you think Disney will eventually make a live-action Frozen? Are there any properties you’d like to see get a live-action reboot? Be sure to let me know in the comments!