Isn’t It Romantic is what romcom dreams are made of

Isn't It Romantic movie, photo via WB Press Pass
Isn't It Romantic movie, photo via WB Press Pass /

Isn’t It Romantic is a charming and sweet romcom spoof within a romcom.

I’ll be the first to admit the trailers for Isn’t It Romantic didn’t draw me in at all. It simply didn’t seem funny or entertaining. I’m very happy I didn’t skip the advanced screening for it earlier this week, because I couldn’t have been more wrong. The movie isn’t only a lot of fun, but its central message is beautiful and uplifting.

More than anything, I enjoy action and comedies, there are very few romcoms I’ve loved and Isn’t It Romantic has easily made it to my very short list!

Going in, I figured I would at least have a good time watching the always hilarious Adam DeVine. That part, I was right about. DeVine brings on the laughs, but also, unexpectedly, all of the romance and sweetest moments in the movie.

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Rebel Wilson stars and leads the cast in Isn’t It Romantic as Natalie, an architect who may as well be invisible to everyone around her. Everyone, that is, with the exception of her best friend at work who has a serious crush on her, but she’s too busy hating everything and anything to do with love to notice.

Natalie’s self-esteem is at an all-time low. She still has a lot of passion for her career, but it’s not going to go anywhere if she doesn’t get a confidence boost, and neither is her love life. But that’s one of the main plots in the story, does she even need to fall in love to be happy?

Isn't It Romantic
Isn’t It Romantic movie, photo via WB Press Pass /

Though Isn’t It Romantic heavily and mercilessly spoofs romantic films, it’s a romantic movie itself — but with a little twist! I won’t spoil any details, but whether you love romcoms or hate them, are in a relationship or single, you’ll enjoy this movie!

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Dancing, singing, amazing outfits, and the gay best friend with no job other than helping out the protagonist, Isn’t Romantic makes fun of it all and has a great time doing so.

The movie also stars Tom Ellis, Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, and Betty Giplin. It’s now playing in theaters.