True Detective Season 3, Episode 7 recap: The 5 takeaways from The Final Country

True Detective Season 3, HBO, Photo Credit: Warrick Page
True Detective Season 3, HBO, Photo Credit: Warrick Page /
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True Detective
True Detective Season 3, HBO, Photo Credit: Warrick Page /

#2 The Dead-eye man has a name and connection

After the angry appearance of the “dead-eyed man” last episode, Amelia put all her time and energy into figuring out who this man really is. Unfortunately, the only detail she was able to uncover herself was from a bar owner. According to the man, he saw the cousin Dan O’Brien talking to a man who had a similar description.

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However, in the 2015 timeline, Hays and Roland get more details about this man from two different sources. The first one comes from Elisa who says her investigators got the name “Watts” from one witness claiming that’s the name he gave himself.

What’s more interesting is the second source, which comes from the kitchen maid and housekeeper who worked for the Hoyts for 30 years. She lays out her time to the old detectives explaining the tragic events she witnessed during her employment with the family.

She explains that the daughter Isabel lost her child and husband in a car wreck in 1977 and her mental state deteriorated from there. Interestingly enough that accident is very close to the time of the disappearances of the children. She also says that a man named Mr. June took care of Isabel after the accident day in and day out. Mr. June is also a black man with a dead-eye. Plus, does  anyone else see the comparison of the name Mr. June and Julie Purcell using the alias “Mary July?”

True Detective
True Detective Season 3, HBO, Photo Credit: Warrick Page /

#3 A connection to Season 1

The documentarian Elisa officially brought everything full circle this week revealing that Season 1 and 3 are indeed connected. During the scene, she is showing older Hays how the patterns on the dolls have correlations to pedophile rings. She then explains that she believes something bigger might be at play citing the investigation done by Rust and Marty from the very first season. She further explains that the same case implicated high-level people including politicians.

All this said when she presses him on whether he believes a cover-up was involved he becomes dismissive and shuts himself off. This frustrates Elisa because she continues to hope that given his historical record of playing devil’s advocate he might have something more to offer her. Instead, he tells her that his time talking with her about the case is over and he has nothing more to offer her. His hesitation to speak so openly is better understood later in the episode.