The Rookie: 3 reasons why a Tim and Lucy romance should happen

Now that Tim and Lucy are both officially single, I’m rooting for #Chenford to finally happen. Here are a few reasons why I think the two should get together.

I’m not sure if Chenford is the official ship name for Lucy and Tim, but I like it so I’m proclaiming it! Well, at least until I stumble upon something better. Bradchen could work but doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely. Tucy sounds like an old frat nickname for Stanley Tucci (who I doubt ever joined a frat). So #Chenford it is.

In the last episode of The Rookie, Tim officially called it quits with his wife. It was a sad moment, but one, I think, was a long time coming. Lucy and John have ended their illicit relationship too. And speaking of illicit relationships, I’ll confront the first reason I think Lucy and Tim would work well together.

1. The drama.

Look, I know I’m being a hypocrite for wanting Lucy and Tim to date after she just broke up with Nolan because their relationship could potentially threaten their careers, but you know what? I don’t care.

I watch television for the drama. So yes, I understand Chenford would be even worse for Lucy because she’d be dating her T.O., a higher-ranking official, than another rookie, but Grey’s Anatomy does it all the time! Is it really so different from an interns dating their attending? (Here’s looking at you Meredith and Derek, Jo and Alex, etc.)

Writing-wise, it also probably isn’t the best move for Lucy’s character arc either. She should be learning from her mistakes, not repeating them. But I never said I wanted them to get together right away. I’m actually hoping for a slow-burn relationship.

If The Rookie winds up getting multiple seasons (fingers crossed) they could even start dating when she isn’t on the bottom rung of the career ladder. As long as I get plenty of almost-moments and lingering stares before then.



2. They have an insane amount of chemistry.

This is the main reason I like the idea of Tim and Lucy together. Eric Winter and Melissa O’Neil have so much chemistry together. Even when they’re bickering with one another you can see the sparks flying off the screen.

I’m always drawn to the more complicated romantic possibilities. The ones that often involve playful banter and the tension is generally a mask for more involved feelings and genuine emotional ties beneath the surface.

Plus, you can’t deny that the scene where Lucy manages to steal Tim’s wallet and lets him know about it over the phone is one of the cutest moments on the show. The way he smiles softly after hanging up, you can practically hear him thinking “attagirl” inside his head.

3. They care about each other.

Perhaps the beginning of their relationship was more hostile than it needed to be, with Tim being a Grade-A jerk more often than not, but since then the two have grown to protect and tend to one another when needed.

We’re more than halfway through the season and they’ve begun to form a friendship, even if Tim is unlikely to admit it. He was there for Lucy when she got pricked with a hypodermic needle, they’ve been involved in several traumatic incidences on patrol, and Lucy has been the person to give Tim hard news he doesn’t want to hear. There is a begrudging mutual respect from both parties.

Every time Tim says, “Let’s go Boot!” I swear it comes with an increasing amount of fondness. Or maybe I’m making this all up in my head! All I know is I am emotionally invested in this relationship and they’re one of my favorite on-screen duos. Even if it stays platonic, I hope to see it develop further and am looking forward to see how the rest of the season pans out.

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Are you shipping Chenford on The Rookie? Do you want to see Tim and Lucy get together? Why or why not? Do you prefer Lucy and Nolan? Let me know what you think in the comments!

New episodes of The Rookie air Tuesday nights on ABC.