My 600-lb Life Season 7, Episode 8: Prepare to loathe Maja

Credit: TLC, Acquired via Discovery Press Web
Credit: TLC, Acquired via Discovery Press Web /

It’s a drama-filled sob story on My 600-lb Life, and Maja lacks a mirror in her house, because she refuses to accept any responsibility.

Just like everyone else on My 600-lb Life, Maja has an excuse. Her parents got a divorce, and culturally showing affection meant feeding Maja. Her mom had to provide, got two jobs, and Maja started to inhale food. But wait, there’s more.

Her father got remarried and had more kids. Who weren’t massive and 175-lbs by 8-years old. So that made her feel rejection, even though the boy haircuts her parents made her get should have been a bigger issue. By the end of high school she was 400-lbs.

Home Life

First things first, Maja sleeps in incredibly tight black socks. It’s bizarre. Secondly, the first thing she does this episode of My 600-lb Life is take the ubiquitous, disgusting shower with the shower curtain open. Finally, there’s the wet waddle to the bedroom to put on enormous clothes with suspenders.

The Average Meal

Maja lies to her boyfriend Christian when going out for errands. That’s the code word for NOM NOM NOM. She admits going to 2-4 places, and today it’s all about McDonald’s. Two sausage burritos, a BEC McMuffin, and a sausage muffin. Then she goes to Arby’s for a slider, the ultimate roast beef sandwich, and one more item.

Get ready to despise Maja

Maja complains while packing. Yells at Christian over and over. They take a flight to Houston and he’s lucky enough to get a seat somewhere in another row. After deplaning, she complains more and more. They walk down the concourse and her hypochondria appears, because everything hurts. Christian appears to be named biblically, because his patience proves he’s a man of Christ. After the fourth or fifth stop, she complains the gate agents didn’t tell her how far the walk would be.

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Then their rental car is a new ordeal. Since neither a flatbed truck nor a horse trailer is available, they get a mid-sized car. Despite fitting into her Kia Soul during the fast food runs, she can’t fit into this car. And throws a complete fit. Then she falls and makes it into a huge ordeal.

Drama everywhere with this one. She fake cries moments later to make a scene. Then says she’s going to go make a scene with the rental car place. The entire walk, no tears. Suddenly, she cries again.

Roughly 99% of the viewers despise Maja at this point. Maja means nice in Spanish, and she does not live up to the name. No clue why Christian is still with her other than Stockholm Syndrome.

Dr. Now’s initial evaluation

Maja chooses horizontal stripes for her initial weigh in, and it’s a big mistake. The scale whimpers under her 689-lb punishment. She lies to Dr. Now about what she eats, saying it’s just three meals per day and no snacking. Just large portions. Dr. Now: “The scale doesn’t lie.” LOL. Then he calls her a closet eater. Nailed it!

The prescription is for a 1200 calorie diet, and Maja is far from receptive. She’s far too used to complaining and blaming others. Christian is more serious about it than Maja is.

The follow-up appointments & therapy

Month 2: Cottage cheese, bacon, and eggs for breakfast. She goes for a workout, and after minimal effort it’s all drama again. She says she’s going to faint, etc. STAHP

Month 3: Weight: 596-lbs. That’s a 93-lb loss. She “almost completely stuck to the diet.” Kind of like Sex Panther.

Month 4: Preparing for the move down to Houston, Christian has the energy and motivation of a three toed sloth chewing Xanax. Maja proceeds to argue with her mother before departure, because her mother said goodbye at the wrong time.

Month 5: Apparently there has been some fast food in the past few weeks. Maja and Christian fight, probably because he has been telling her not to eat fast food. Weight: 587-lbs. That’s 9-lbs in two months, and she thinks it shows Dr. Now she’s ready. Dr. Now disagrees, and cancels her surgery. When asked about his level of support, Christian mimes putting a gun in his mouth. OK, maybe he didn’t, but he was thinking it.

Shocker, Maja blames Christian for her minimal weight loss. “You’re costing me my weight loss surgery and you’re ruining everything!” Maja proceeds to call her mother, crying, jiggling, and blaming Christian for everything. After putting the phone on speaker, she corners Christian aggressively.

Month 6: Christian is leaving. She says, “I don’t know why he’s doing this,” as if she has amnesia. Maja’s biggest problem her entire life, and even up to this point, is her refusal to accept responsibility.

Month 7: Weight: 592-lbs. Up 5-lbs. It’s allllll Christian’s fault. (eye roll) Alligator tears follow, and Dr. Now isn’t buying it. It’s time for psychotherapy, but she doesn’t think it will help and doesn’t believe Dr. Now knows how difficult it is.

Month 8: She thinks it’s best to leave Dr. Now’s program. Moron. Blah blah blah, it’s not the end, platitude, “I’m not gonna give up,” more lies to herself. She didn’t listen to Dr. Now, the psychotherapist, or Christian’s silent screams.

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Maja will go down as one of the worst people to ever appear on My 600-lb Life. She was unlikeable from beginning to end, and quit without learning a thing.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.