Disney: 15 most empowering female characters of all-time

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Disney excels at creating compelling female characters. From princesses to sisters, let’s look at their 15 most empowering ladies of all time.

There’s no denying the impact Disney has on the world. Most notably, we all think of their movies. That’s not even mentioning their parks, merchandise and incredibly passionate fan base. For the most part, many of us think of their movies when we think about Disney.

In talking about their movies, it’s impossible to not bring up the characters. Each of their movies has a cast of interesting, yet lovable characters. If there’s a character trait you like, then Disney has someone for you. Some of their most beloved outside of the fab five are their female characters. For Disney, female characters come in all different forms, whether they be princesses, warriors, spies or villains.

An overarching theme with their female characters is their role in a story. Almost all of the official Disney princesses have their own film. As for the villains, they might not be the center of the film, but they can steal the show. No matter who you’re rooting for, there’s no denying that watching these ladies kick butt is fun and enjoyable.

Disney might not always be applauded for their portrayal of women. Regardless without The Little Mermaid, we might never have seen a lot of characters who made this list. It seems like Disney is making a conscious effort to produce female-led films and create characters who kick butt, but can still be girly and that feel empowered. In turn, it makes the viewers feel empowered.

With so many great characters and Disney being such a huge powerhouse, there are a ton of amazing female characters to choose from; however, there is a handful who truly jump off the screen and make you feel like your world is yours! Join us now as we look at 15 of Disney’s most empowering female characters and the impact they’ve had.

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