Disney: 15 most empowering female characters of all-time

Photo Credit: Mulan/Disney Image Acquired from Disney Media Distribution
Photo Credit: Mulan/Disney Image Acquired from Disney Media Distribution /
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14. Vanellope von Schweetz

Keeping with the underrated theme, the next female character to make the list is Vanellope von Schweetz. When putting together a list of empowered female characters, Vanellope is usually left off of it. There’s a lot more to Vanellope than meets the eye and her introduction in the first Wreck-It Ralph film proves that. This is another case of a movie not getting the recognition it deserves resulting in Vanellope usually being left out of the conversation. Since the sequel is still a relatively new film, I’ll just be focusing on the first film.

Vanellope is almost as important a character as Ralph. Even though the film is named after him, she goes through just as much as he does. When we first meet Vanellope she’s insecure and a loner, but she never loses her sense of humor. As evidenced by her first meeting with Ralph, she isn’t afraid to say what she feels, either. Throughout the film, we watch as her friendship with Ralph causes both of them to gain self-confidence and figure out their true destiny.

Vanellope is a talented and smart race car driver, something we rarely see female characters portrayed as. Seeing her embrace her role as a race driver is just the first step in her feeling secure. Even when she finds out she’s the ruler of Sugar Rush, she’s happy to stay as she is. It might have taken Vanellope awhile to accept herself, but once she did, she never looked back.

By the end of the film, Vanellope feels empowered by what held her down. Her glitch made her feel different and unappreciated but it’s also what made her such a good racer. Coupled with her friendship with Ralph, Vanellope becomes exactly who she was supposed to be all along.