Is A.P. Bio on tonight, Thursday Feb. 28?

A. P. Bio’s hilarious premise dwindled down as Season 1 finished, so when will Season 2 premiere to continue with the schoolhouse shenanigans?

A teacher who gets in over his head as an A.P. Bio teacher only to use his position to exact revenge on his rival? Who wouldn’t think this a hilarious topic? Well, Season 1 of the show had it’s great moments which resulted in a second season.

How exactly will Harvard philosophy scholar Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton) use his position to get back at his arch-nemesis?

Is A.P. Bio on tonight, Thursday, Feb. 28?

Unfortunately for fans of the show, A.P. Bio has one more week to wait. The premiere is Thursday, March 7.

Almost the polar opposite of the classic Summer School with Mark Harmon, where the kids can accomplish much more than can possibly be imagined, A.P. Bio has a ton of potential for the future season. And if Patton Oswalt’s hilarious Principal Durbin has anything to say about it, the result could be a PG-13 version of the classic Vice Principals. If they take the kid gloves off in the second season there is much promise.

What to expect in the second season

After starting off with gusto and giving his students the assignment of catfishing his enemy Miles on social media, Jack concocts various other missions for them as the days progress. My favorite was the dead-beat dad goal.

Predictably, Jack also starts to slowly become an unorthodox teacher, just not for A.P. Bio. He learns of his students, their families, and what makes the community tick. As a former nerd, with the nickname Pimple Bud Jack “PBJ,” he realizes he has more in common with the kids than he thinks.

A.P. Bio can’t get here quickly enough. Hurry up and “gimme that sweet wet sugar mess.

A.P. Bio premieres Thursday, March 7 at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.