Write Supernatural fanfic? Sera Gamble has the best advice ever

Sera Gamble may have moved on from the world of Supernatural in terms of jobs, but she’s still a special part of the fandom. Now she has advice for anyone who writes any type of fanfiction.

Do you write Supernatural fanfiction? There will be a lot of people nodding their heads, raising their hands, and screaming from the rooftop. Former showrunner Sera Gamble has some excellent advice for you, regardless of the type of fanfic.

During some downtime, Gamble offered the chance to ask her anything about TV writing and fanfiction came up. Unlike so many authors and writers who put down fanfiction, Gamble supports it — everything is eventually a form of fanfiction, anyway! Instead, The Magicians and You showrunner shared her tips on how to transform the fanfic into something bigger and unique.

Gamble’s advice is simple but major: change the gender of your characters, the location of the world, and every single name. This is just the start of making your fanfic something more original. As you start making these big changes, you’ll find that other changes start happening. There will be more parts of your story that become something different.

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One of the benefits of starting with fanfiction is that you have the characters and the world set up. You can focus on developing the plot instead of every little thing. Once you have the plot, you can then start developing the different characters, adding a new layer that wasn’t there before. Your characters become your own in a plot that you already developed. Suddenly, you have something that is no longer fanfiction.

Plenty of authors have done this. You can do the same. And Gamble is offering this advice because of that.

Do you write Supernatural fanfic? What advice would you give to writers? Do you follow Sera Gamble? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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