Is Mark Sheppard in Doom Patrol Episode 5?

Mark Sheppard made his debut in Doom Patrol Episode 4. Will he stick around for another episode?

Last week, we managed to work out that Mark Sheppard was in Doom Patrol. His debut was today and what a debut it was. Now the big question is how long his character, Willoughby Kipling, will be around for a little longer.

Don’t worry. If you haven’t watched the latest episode, there are no spoilers in this post. Everything is solely based on the trailer for next Friday’s episode. Of course, this will assume you’ve watched the episode and there could be spoilery bits from the previous episode so you may want to watch first. It all depends on what you class as a spoiler!

It turns out the former Supernatural actor is definitely going to be in Doom Patrol Episode 5. By the sounds of things, Kipling knew that the end of the world was a threat and the “Halloween costumes come to life” should have listened to his plan on how to stop it. Well, now he needs to help prevent the end of the world.

This really does sound a little like Crowley. Oh, and yes, the shouting and the attitude is definitely a more adult-version of Crowley. There’s plenty of swearing, shouting, and sass. If Supernatural was on SYFY or even Netflix originally then there likely would have been this sort of language and style used from the very beginning.

Check out the trailer below:

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Doom Patrol airs Fridays on DC Universe.